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05-03-01, 09:33 PM
As part of the impending journey to Le Mans, I will have to cross that small strip of water that seperates us from Europe, although not for long if Blair gets his way. ;-) First petrol, then tax, then euro. We will be the United Kingdom of Europe soon. Hopefully not....

I disgress...

Has anyone taken a Cobra on the Chunnel as I am a bit cautious about the ground clearance. I have phoned them up and they have said its OK, but it all right for them sat in the booth, its not their car.

Has anyone done the chunnel before and was it OK.

If I can't get over on the Chunnel, I will have to take the ferry and then catch the other guys up. Won't be too hard, they are only driving a TVR. :D

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05-03-01, 10:13 PM
Rob, have driven the chunnel a couple of times in a normal car. On the lower deck access was easy across a smooth ramp directly from the platform alongside. On the upper deck my recollection is that the transition from the top of the up ramp to the upper level might be a bit severe for most Cobras' ground clearance - but am sure if you ask they'll put you on the lower deck anyway.

The journey across is quicker than the ferry obviously but can be a bore - take a book, newspaper, snack, etc to while away the time.


Nigel B

06-03-01, 06:56 PM
Hi robert (blown gd)
two of us did the Chunnel last year both with Dax's I was a bit concerned with mine as the fuel pump bottom is the lowest part on my car the worst bit is the bar on the entrance to the railcar but as you cross this diagionally it was not a problem (we did lower car going and upper car coming back both trips ok)
It's a long haul from the Chunnel to Le'man so we booked a hotel at Abbyville which is about 1 to 1 1/2 hrs (depending on right foot)from the Chunnel my trip was nearer the 1 1/2hr due to me having my rev limiter sat by my side but all in all it was a nice drive down
have fun
un-blown Dax

20-03-01, 06:59 AM

having been on the shuttle the last two weeks i dont think you will have a problem with upper or lower deck. If your going to be safe request lower deck, the staff are very helpfull.

However with the foot and mouth outbreak all cars have to got through a Disinfectant bath. If that is still in place this will give you problems I'm sure you will bottom out going through this.

Hope thgis is of some help


David Large
20-03-01, 12:33 PM
I've taken my BRA 289 on the chunnel at least a dozen times and only once had a problem when I caght a silencer on a coupling between carriages. Put the whole thing back together on the platform. I've seen loads of cobras on the train; no problems.

20-03-01, 02:32 PM
Thanks for the info, Chunnel it is.

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