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08-08-05, 07:57 AM
Got half way to rockingham on sunday after having spent the best part of saturday getting the gear box off sorting the clutch cable and cleaning and polishing. That all sorted was on way to rockingham and then the car started spluttering and the ingnition light was coming on and all the speedo etc went to zero but only over 3 thousand revs and only when in gear in neutral was fine. very annoying :angry:
Any one got any ideas on what has caused this?
It s a piligrim Sumo 111 3.5 litre Rover v8 with a holley carb with a jaguar box.
Any advice always appreciated!!
From Fab168

08-08-05, 03:35 PM
is your speedo sensor on the box? it might be shorting to earth at certain revs, try disconnecting and see if that sorts the problem. also check for trapped wires that might have happened during clutch work. good luck

I didn't even get out of the pits for the trip to rockingham:mad:

08-08-05, 04:28 PM
Thanks John will check that this weekend.
Maybe next year!!!

08-08-05, 08:39 PM
With the "ignition" (actually means charge failure) light coming on, that sounds like a faulty connection associated with the ignition switch.
If the light came on while the revs were up and the gauges dropped, this is definitely the case.

You should double check:
Battery terminals
Battery isolator (if fitted)
Battery to chassis earth connection
Engine/box to chassis earth connection
Starter motor main positive terminal, particularly if the loom feed picks up here.
Starter motor "ballast bypass" terminal, if used - the wire may have fallen off and be shorting to earth. (*)
Ignition switch and it's connector.

(*)There is a SMALL possibility that an ignition-switched feed could be intermittently shorting to earth. However this is unlikely as it would (or should) have blown a circuit fuse or the main loom fuse. - otherwise loom damage would result.


09-08-05, 06:06 AM
Thanks Simon,
That's great will check on all those this weekend and see whether we can find the problem.
Your advice is much appreciated!!

22-08-05, 09:05 AM
sorted out the problem. The person who built it neglected to fit any fuses so we had a circuit burn out which was nice. needless to say we have fuses now! Car is going fantasticly now thanks for all your advice etc.
from fabes