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10-08-05, 03:36 PM
Hi Guys,

Can Anyone help, i'm giong down to Dax in september for a visit and to order my kit, i was just wondering if there is anyone around manchester or going to harrogate on sat, who has got an extended footwell body, and would be kind enough to allow me to sit in their pride and joy so i can compare it to the standard body. I'm 6'5" tall want to know if the extra 2" makes much differance.

Plus you guys that have the extended footwell does it cause many probs i've heard that you have to cut holes to make the brake servo/cylinder fit, do the headers come into contact with the footwells?

Any advice, help would be much appriecated


10-08-05, 03:57 PM
Russ, I'm not in your area but have the extended footwell and have had horrendous problems with body alignment and the Aluminium kit fitment. Suffice to say Dax are at this very moment sorting it all out for me as it required major surgery. Peter Walker has been very helpful in this respect. Talk to him before placing the order as he knows the issues he's had to sort out on my car.

Hopefully they have now resolved the fact that the footwell box was too short and wouldn't butt up against the chassis plate and also that the ally kit didn't fit the fireglass footbox on the drivers side.

You are correct in that the Dax supplied Brake Master Cylinder (Escort?) won't fit as the Wheelarch gets in the way. I have had to cut a large hole in the Ally panel and Wheelarch to get it to fit. Peter gave me a fibreglass 'blister' moulding that I will fit over the hole from the wheel side. Hopefully this will cover the end of the cylinder. I have a few concerns about the wheel hitting it at full lock when the car is at normal ride height, but i'll worry about that some other time.

Suffice to say if i'd known about all these problems when I ordered the extended footwell option I would have gone for the standard one......

Good luck and let me know how you get on!



Purple AK
10-08-05, 06:24 PM

Have a word with Dave (DB Replicas) if he dosn't chip in ;) He's 6ft and some :thumb:

10-08-05, 06:32 PM
The wheels shouldn't hit on full lock.
There is a lot less space for the exhausts and master cylinder but it will all fit. You should count your blessings that it's not an extended LHD kit......Now that one is fun, due to the servo being closer to the engine.
I've never fitted the Dax alloy panel kit so i have no experience of the way it fits.
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