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11-08-05, 02:09 PM

I've recently aquired a XJ6 4.2 manual which I plan to use as my donor vehicle.

As well as the running gear I plan to use the gearbox. Can anyone give me few pointers to check whether the gearbox is in good order.

The gear change seems OK but I'm used to driving front wheel drive cars with wobbly gear linkage rather than such a direct system.

Same question for the diff. Is there anything I should check whilst it's still in a driveable condition

The car's taxed and tested until October so I'd like to take advantage of being able to test it by driving it whilst I still can.



11-08-05, 05:23 PM
All you really need to do is just drive it and listen out for any noises coming from either and if there is much play in either especially the Diff HTH

11-08-05, 11:04 PM
Hi Martin,

How can I check to see whether there is much play in either the diff or gearbox.

The gearbox sounds a little whiney in 2nd, it's not bad and is only really noticeable because it is virtually silent in all other gears. Should I expect that or is it a sign of something worn.

Is there anyone in the Oldham area who has a known "good" getrag who wouldn't mind coming for a quick spin in the jag to see how mine compares ?