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07-03-01, 12:32 PM
Any one Know a supplier of mirrors that will pass the SVA tests. I know Hawk cars sell them at about 58 each and so do Dax and GD; but has anyone put them to the test and passed. I dont mind spending the money as long as they do the business and I am well past believing anything a manufacturer who wants to sell me a set has to say. Anyone out there who has used a pair please let me know.

07-03-01, 07:08 PM
Hi Bob
I fitted one offside wing mirror and a convex interior mirror from Dax (on loan) and passed the SVA also a friend has fitted and retained both wing mirrors and a convex interior mirror from Dax and passed SVA.
If you fit any mirror make sure it is E marked.
Make sure that if roll bar's are fitted they don't obscure the field of view

12-03-01, 04:49 PM
In this month's kit car, 'Lolocost parts' (I think thats the name) are selling SVA -type mirrors for 14 quid. I think it'll be a rather nasty black plastic affair, but what the heck. Plenty would buy it off you (like me :-) )

12-03-01, 11:19 PM
If you are building a AK then Ken will loan you his set for the test.