View Full Version : Damn, blast and other expressions of dissmay!!!

15-08-05, 10:24 AM
Halfway through painting my block and Ive run out of paint! :angry: :angry: and guess what, nobody locally stocks the stuff!

Now I wish Id taken advice and asked about coverage before I ordered my first can, it would have been cheaper to buy two then than have one shipped down next day now!

One the plus side the water pump and timing cover look good and they probably only need another coat to finish (if Id not done those then my 1st can would have finished the engine!!:angry: )

All I hope now is that the new paint I ly down tomorrow will stick OK to the half cured stuff already on there. Ho hum...

Just a rant to vent my annoyance with myself!:-(

neil still building it
15-08-05, 11:11 AM
hi andy
if you're covering up whats underneath without any bits showing through( ooh err missus) couldn't you top coat with brushed two pack clear and 2x coats even..!?? or you could have used 2k in the first place get it mixed no problem most places ,and brushing on is fairly safe open a door if you're concerned
(its using the spray and getting deep lungfulls thats the problem)
i'm sure our resident captive sprayman dave will concur


15-08-05, 11:17 AM
New can of VHT is on its way and I havent got any 2 pack so that kind of seals it. Its one of thoise things that if you step back in the cold light of day you realise you will only see the paint finish when its on the stand! In the car 90% is covered up!!


15-08-05, 12:16 PM
If there is a slight difference - dont worry as by the time you get all the headers etc on, you wont be able to detect it.

I cant blame you for underestimating though as they dont tell you that blusher pink needs two coats.