View Full Version : Advise on decent proximety alarm & immobiliser

18-08-05, 08:49 AM

Looking to get a decent Thatcham Cat 1 alarm and immobiliser with proximety sensor to my Cobra during the build.

This one has caught my eye, a Cobra alarm, model number 8186:-


I wanted the microwave proximety sensory hidden behind the dash - not on show on thransmission tunnel under carpet.

Wondered what alarms other people have and would recommend?


18-08-05, 04:55 PM
Unless you are fitting it for insurance purposes I cant see the point of a really technical alarm system. If someone really wants your car they will get it no matter what alarm you fit. A tracker would be a better bet. Personally the best deterrent you can have is a removable steering wheel, the scum can then see there is no way they can drive your car so hopefully they wont break everything trying to get it running and will just leave it completely alone . :D

18-08-05, 05:00 PM
Got a cheapie alarm, 20 from Makro and it works a treat! Its got a vibration sensor on it so that if anyone opens a door or if you get a couple of brats standing on your side pipes to get a look inside - it gives them a warning first and then if there is any more vibration it's the god damn loudest thing I have ever heard!!