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18-08-05, 05:58 PM
Due to budget limitations I'm hoping to use a cut-out second hand engine in my build. The build being my initial project.

Project 2 will be the rebuilding of another engine.

This obviously means an engine swap at some point after the body is fitted. How practical is this and has anyone managed it.

Engine will probably be a 302 ford (as its lighter)

18-08-05, 06:06 PM
Just changed the Engine in my AK from a RV8 to a 351W. pain to do but well worth the effort :D :D What kit are you building ? and have you got an engine yet? if not Adrian ( Adricar2 ) is a good place to get one from :thumb:

Grease Monkey
18-08-05, 06:51 PM
Are you talking about swapping like for like, ie a cutout 302 initially, then a fully rebuilt, specced up 302 as money permits?

In which case you're laughing, the big problems come when you change engines and have to change mounts, clutches, bellhousing, exhausts, pipework and a whole host of other things

18-08-05, 07:01 PM
No firm decision on the kit. I prefer Jag based but the pockets are only so deep :(

Pilgram seems the cheapest but I like what I've read about the AK. I will need to try a few out at Donington as I'm very tall and the cost of the extra legroom will affect the decision.

I also have limited garage space - certainly not enough to store the bodyshell off the car. So I either need the chassis first or the ability to build the kit with the shell fitted on day 1 (not sure if any allow that)

I have a few months to plan this as the garage isn't built yet :D

I plan to rebuild/refurb everything but the engine. Then while I'm still enjoying the car on the road, I'll build a better one for it.

Gearbox depends on what fits what... and whether I can find a deal on an adapter. So either Jag/Getrag/T5 I suppose but hopefully Jag from the donor.

So many questions..... :-(

18-08-05, 07:07 PM

Yes I'd be sticking with the 302

I liked the idea of the 302 because parts are cheap and it will go to 300bhp without having to spend a fortune. Its also lighter than the SBC by quite a margin... and hopefully smaller which I hoped would make the swap less of a pain.

If I can find one with a T5 then great, otherwise I'm looking for a 2nd hand Getrag adapter :)

19-08-05, 09:35 PM
[QUOTE]I have a few months to plan this as the garage isn't built yet [/quote:e2d0284cc2]

It sounds like you are in the same possition as me, although my garage build started twevle days ago. I'm looking at getting a cut out Chevy 350 and rebuilding myself. I'm also going the Jag based route. After much looking round and thinking, i have chosen an AK. I saw both the Pilgrim and the AK at the Newark show. I also went to the AK factory a few weeks ago and was sold on it.

Which ever kit you choose and which ever engine you get i wish you luck.

As for me, i'm waiting to have somewhere to put the kit and the donor before i order it, but i have got my heart set on an AK.

Good luck, Dom :thumb:

20-08-05, 09:22 AM
How much are you planning to spend on these engines? Tuned 302's are not as expensive as you think. If you can get the engine you want in the first place saves alot of hassle later :)

20-08-05, 11:18 AM
Not too bothered about power to start with, basically I just want to keep the build cost low.

As for the rebuild, based on what I've read on the 302 I'd leave the bottom end standard but improve the heads. Nothing too radical.

Definitely 2 sepearate projects but if someone offers me a good 302 to start with at a price I can afford, I would snap their hand off.

20-08-05, 12:29 PM
I had the engine out of my old AK , remove the bonnet , drop the gearbox and lifted engine straight out.Engine was a RV8 and wasn`t too bad a job to do at all, just a bit nerve racking as you lift it out over the bodyshell:thumb: .