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08-03-01, 09:23 PM
I was wondering...!!!! Oh dear not good for me to wonder....

When I put my car through the SVA I will need a spare wheel. I think that is the case as you need to have one for an MOT and it needs to be usable.

I have some nice Halibrand wheels but there are only 4 of them. If I had a 5th, there are 2 issues... a) front and back wheels are different sizes so which size would you keep as a spare, I guess the small one. b) I dont think there would even be enough room in the boot to keep such a big wheel.

So I would also guess that the only thing to use is a space saver. But the question is .... Is there a space saver in a Jag that I can get from a Scrappy or did the Jags use full size wheels? (Must mention that my running gear is XJS)..

If they used a full size spare wheel, then where will I get a spacesaver from that will actually fit onto the 5 studs? I dont suppose anybody has ever put in a 4 stud space saver just to get through the SVA?? I suppose the SVA men would notice...

Hope somebody can help...



09-03-01, 07:46 AM
My understanding is you actually break the law by carrying just one spare, rather than carrying none at all!!

If you have different wheels on front and back and wish to carry a spare then you have to carry spares for both types.

It is legal not to carry a spare, so I would think best option is to carry an emergency aerosol type inflator.


09-03-01, 09:27 AM
The rule for the MOT is that if you have a spare wheel it has to be road legal and suitable for the car intended. However, you do not have to have a spare wheel for the MOT or by law, it is only ‘if’ you have a spare. A lot of the top spec sports car on the market at the moment to do come with, or have the space for, a spare wheel. Therefore you don’t require one for the SVA test.
I guess they see it that if you don’t carry a spare then let it be on your own head if you get a flat.

Hope this is of some help

09-03-01, 08:12 PM
Hi there
my car went through the SVA with no spare and I now carry a can of Holts tyre repair and touch wood have not had to use in the last 4500miles

10-03-01, 06:28 AM
I carry a space saver spare and also a can of emergency repair spray.

There are tow sources that I know of for the space saver rim - you can buy a genuine Jag item - can't recall the figure bt it was pricey buying new and I couldn't find one at a breakers - or you can use a Chevy space saver which has the same hole centers. I used one of these and have a 70 profile tyre fitted to it.

Within the first few weeks of driving my car (it went on the road in 1994) I had a flat and of course I wasn't carrying the space saver or the spray. Since then I have carried both (unless I have loads of luggage then I jettison the space saver)and have had no more flast - touch wood.

Never had any MOT hassles as it is not a leagl requirement to have a spare.


Nigel B