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22-08-05, 08:11 PM
Don't know if I spelt it correctly but.........

For sale on ebay at the moment is a Cheetah? it has the mustang 4.9ltr engine with auto box, Granada front end and Jag rear end, the guy says it has been correctly registered. Can anyone give me their opinion on them? (polite ones if poss!) the link for the item is below. He has sent me another picture but it is of the passenger seat which doesn't really help seeing the two pictures listed on ebay are from a distance (are the Cheetahs? better from a distance??!) anyhow.... all help as usual gratefully received.




22-08-05, 08:26 PM
Jason - delete that item from "your eBay", put the keyboard down, and back slowly away from the computer..............

22-08-05, 08:29 PM

Thanks for that, are they really that bad!?


22-08-05, 08:30 PM
good call wilf!


i saw a cheetah kit once and walked away very quickly,the build quality is less than good,the kits are very old and most of the time it shows.

i would think that its probably reached the full amount of money that it is worth already,and if anyone pays anymore i pity them


22-08-05, 08:33 PM

I seem to remember the cheetah was manufactured in Northern Ireland and is a good looking car with a small neat bonnet scoop.

A friend of mine had one, he liked it very much and only sold it because he wanted to build one himself. The chassis was pretty strong looking, 4 inch box section main rails. However they weren't very desirable I don't know why, it could be the mix of 4 & 5 stud wheel pattern also panel fit wasn't that good but could be improved upon.

If its registered properly why doe's it say Ford as manufacturer on the listing?

Don't rush into anything until you're 100% sure and try to get to see the car before you buy.


22-08-05, 08:52 PM

Thanks for the information, the guy doesn't advertise it as a Cheetah funnly enough, as Steve said why is it registered as a Ford??


Thanks, after the first response from Wilf and Russ agreeing with him I don't think I'll be visiting Grimsby, Lincolnshire any time soon!