View Full Version : Bill Cosby 200mph

neil still building it
25-08-05, 03:29 PM
Hi does anyone have a copy of this they can share around .i've tried numerous times to get hold of this to have a giggle,
for those that don't know Shelby built 2 supercharged automatic cobras...one for himself and the other for bill cosby (the american comic)and this is his comedy routine expressing its awesome speed potential and antics -
apparently as i've yet to hear it......

;) ;)

Purple AK
25-08-05, 03:56 PM

It's in the Gallery ;) http://www.cobraclub.com/cobragallery/showphoto.php/photo/3409/cat/500/page/1 :thumb:

26-08-05, 08:37 AM
Very funny, and ohhhhh so true.:thumb: :thumb: