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28-08-05, 12:39 AM
I've fitted the brake lines to the front calipers. I'm just about going to run the brake line down the inside of the chassis to the rear. Just before the transmission housing I've got a rectangular bracket pointing off the bottom of the chassis inwards on either side. I'm guessing this is the fitting for the getrag gearbox, but can someone please confirm it is ok to run the breakline above this bracket on the side wall (and it doesn't need to be run under it and protected). Is there any minimum clearance above the bracket I need to keep ?

I'm also using a mix of metal rubber lined 'p' clips (rivetted), and the plastic self rivetting clips. Some of the plastic ones seem to want to fall out quite easily after I've knock them in :confused: . Have I done something wrong or is this quite common ?



neil still building it
28-08-05, 08:16 AM
did you make the holes small enough to be a 'snug fit'-if its slack ...they only open out 'so' far.....perhaps you need to go smaller.
in 'glass' the holes can get a little bit bigger than you'd want especially when working underneath wobbling the drill about...! ??

28-08-05, 09:03 AM

You run the pipe above the bracket down to the rear.

If the plastic clips are loose eihter re-do them with a slightly smaller drill or remove them and add some araldite to the insert allowing it to set before cliping the pipe back in.If you make fresh holes be sure to fill the old ones to prevent water getting inot chassis rails:thumb: .


Purple AK
28-08-05, 09:08 AM
Hi Dave.

You should be able to run the brake lines along the side past the gearbox mounting lugs, You should have (I think) a bit of angle that bolts to the gearbox and the lugs? Try mocking this into place to make sure. With the clips, far better IMO to use the rubber lined P clips all the way along, and either drill and tap the chassis to except 5mm set screws, or use hex head self tappers (acme bolts) You can also use the same holes/bolts to attach the fuel line. This will make replacing the pipes (if you ever have to) a hundred times easier. Rather than trying to drill the rivets out.

28-08-05, 11:22 PM
Cheers Guys, and thanks for the photo Tony. I think I'll use a bit araldite for the ones already fitted, and swith to the metal ones for the rest. I assume I run the fuel line following brake lines to the front of the engine mounts (chevy), where I fit the mechanical pump.

As far as plugging any holes in the future (as I'm sure there will be a few), I guess something like chemical metal is fine ?

thanks for the help, means I can carry on tomorrow now.