View Full Version : Who can tell what manufacturer this cobra shell is?

30-08-05, 09:15 AM
The person who owns this has no idea what manufacturer it is or anything about it :( they say it comes with a Dax manual which hopefully means its a dax shell, but can anyone tell from the pics? Also i have bought a new De Dion will all dax shells fit as the person dosent know how old it is either.

Cheers Rich



30-08-05, 10:34 AM
LOOKS like a Dax to my untrained eye, but shouldn't there be a bonded in fiberglass cockpit in a Dax?


john w
30-08-05, 10:44 AM
I saw this a couple of days ago, it isnt a Dax

30-08-05, 10:46 AM
A dax has bonded in front inner wings, cockpit and rear boot area so definately not a Dax.

I like the look of the rear arches though with the little lip on the outside of them.


Kevin W
30-08-05, 12:37 PM
It aint a sumo.


30-08-05, 01:44 PM
Could be a Magnum without anything inside, even with the outer lips at the rear arches. I just know one of thins kind because normaly they don't have the lip.

30-08-05, 09:44 PM
well i think its certain its not a dax shell so scraping that idea! cheers people

01-09-05, 04:43 PM
Dont know what it is - but I know what it isn't.

Its not a Crendon nor an AK, GD, Sumo or DAX who does that leave??

Andy S
01-09-05, 05:12 PM
Its not a southern Roadcraft either.
The list of posiibles is getting smaller !!!!!

john cohen
01-09-05, 05:18 PM
IT may be a MK 2 SUMO . A friend of mine has a MK2 and it looks close to that.

john cohen
01-09-05, 05:20 PM
A bit more the molding joints look like mine .Its not the origanal bonnet

stu e
01-09-05, 05:21 PM
The MK2 Sumo has a rear bulkhead.

01-09-05, 05:22 PM
This is a mk11 sumo

01-09-05, 05:24 PM
So.....mk2 sumo with DAX bonnet?

Andy S
01-09-05, 05:29 PM
I almost had to agree with you smash but the top of the front arches are more dax, srv8 etc than pilgrim.
So Pilgrim back end, ? front end, and as you say what appears to be a late dax bonnet ????

01-09-05, 09:28 PM
insane has this got everyone miffed?

01-09-05, 09:46 PM
Looks like an early Fiero Factory shell with a modified bonnet .

01-09-05, 10:55 PM
s'not a RAM either (no bonded in tubular frame), rear arches look a bit like Unique autocraft python (ish), bonnet does look like a Dax tho!

so does this qualify as a kit amongst kits, or mongrel amongst mongrels?

02-09-05, 11:15 AM
I don't know exactly (because I never looked for that) about the other kits like Dax, AK etc. if they have all the same mistakes in the rear and front section. Some of the Dax and AK, AK for sure, came out of the same mould. If you take a closer look at the front opening for the oil cooler you will see that it is not 90 in line to the body. It's a little bending away. If you stand in front of it and you look directly from above you can't see the outer right edge. That's what I found on some Magnums. You can see it at the photo too. The AK and Dax got it maybe too.