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12-03-01, 04:29 PM
Does anyone have any experience/recomendations or otherwise about car covers for Cobras. I am looking for a decent indoor car cover that is not outrageoulsy priced. I have been quoted 200 for a simple tailored piece of cotton from Specialised Car Covers. Not what you might call value for money. Let us know what you have, whether it is rubbish or not, well priced etc, etc.


p.s mentioned it to the wife about her making it. The expletive deleted sentence also contained words such as 'can't, won't, divorce ...... and so on!

12-03-01, 04:53 PM
I cant help with a cover supplier but did you try words like new coat night out money on the wife it often works with mine. Seriously if some one does know a good supplier at a resonable cost I will also be very interersted . The crap the body of my dare I say it Sumo has collected while waiting to be fitted is horrific and its stored in a garage ,to think to of all that crap on your expensive interior as well makes a cover sound like a good investment

12-03-01, 11:15 PM
I got my cover from a company in London, if memory serves correctly it was less than 40. It keeps crap off the car and allows it to breathe, fit is good with elasticated ends, sorry can't remember the company name but AK use them so they should be able to advise.

13-03-01, 06:12 AM
....and dont ever let direct sunlight melt your cover on to your lovely curvacious, ooer, gel coat body....ooops!

19-03-01, 09:28 PM
Have a look at


They have an indoor cover for around 88.00 to fit 427 type.

Or try Cover Systems on 01933 410851 they have them for 66.00 inc. VAT & del. but are sold out untill June ??


19-03-01, 09:44 PM
Hi all

I looked into getting an outside wateproof cover for my Legendary 427
I came up with two main contenders
Thoroughbred Covers Ltd
349 Kirkstall Road
Leeds LS4 2HD
Tel 0113 795079
FAX 0113 310835
Their top quality cover is called NOAH and costs about 230
It is a scratch resistant material
The cover is shaped to the body shape of the car with an elasticated bottom
Covercraft Europe
Tel 0207 7363214
They do an exclusive material called Weathershield and costs 300
They have two versions

1. Prigional Cobra 427
2. DAX replica with hood

What is interesting about car cover companys is their covers are tailor made to fit origional vehicles so if your kit is not an exacty copy your in trouble
All covers are made to order so if your kit is 6 Inches bigger than origional then your in trouble
Covcercraft told me of a customer who ordered a 300 cover for an Classic early JAG and then phopned to say it didn`t fit and he wanted to return it for a refund
It was at this point that he then advised them it was not an original but a Kit replica
Imagine their response

I live in Leeds and called in to Thoroughbred who had a returned Cobra cover
that was faulty and I bought it for a song

Hope this helps anyone out their wanting a waterproof cover for their Sportster



25-03-01, 03:26 PM
I got my cover from Thoroughbred Covers of Kirkstall Road, Leeds; It's been superb, and good value for money, but then the proprietor is a neighbour, so maybe I'm biased.

Someone mentioned a waterproof cover . . .

I thought it was best to use a breathable fabric cover, so that any moisture that does get through will dry out quickly, rather than encourage condensation inside the car / engine bay / alloy wheels / etc.

AK owner, Leeds.

27-03-01, 01:07 PM
Just purchase one of the Classic car magazines - Pratical classics in good - the classified section has plenty of adverts for covers.

30-03-01, 09:26 PM
I just bought an indoor dust cover from Metex for 29.50, its just a loose cover (not tailored) but its easy to throw on in the garage and it should keep the dust off.

06-04-01, 03:29 PM
Have a look at shelbyamerican.com we now have a very nice water resistant car cover with a cable lock for 200.00 us$

06-04-01, 06:21 PM
If you just want the cover to protect from dust try index for 7.50 they do a elasticated cover.Its okay for the garage.