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07-09-05, 09:20 PM
Hi everyone
Bought some new universal steering joints today. And guess what they don't fit.
The ones I bought seem to be the ones all of the kit-car part suppliers have for sale.
They are for "Accepts 14mm x 36 spline. Size 80mm x 38mm. 8mm pinch bolts."Picture attached.
I have attached an old picture of my steering columb. Having seporated it all I find that the joints on the car seem to have different size holes with splines at either end. I measured them at 15mm one end and 19mm the other as for the amount of splines I have no idea. It was such a pain removing them that in my attempts to put the old ones back I forgot to count them. Any ideas ? I presume they are a Jag part as the columb is jag with the SR extension. Maybe I should phone Magwicks.
So any ideas?

07-09-05, 11:21 PM
The joints are Jag and as you say different both sides of the UJ.
I think Jag used a different supplier for column and rack.
I just got the UJs themselves renewed and even that was quite expensive.
I'm looking at my set up at the moment and have realised my series 3 column to go on the chassis needs to be fitted upside down. ie puts the key on the left side of the steering wheel. How are other peoples fitted on their SRs.
Madgewick prob. wont be able to help as I believe they have swapped the steering on the SR to sierra set up. I know the rack has different mounting points.

08-09-05, 10:16 PM
Thanks AndyS
Thanks Andy for putting me on to a Jag suppliers in south east. They gave me a choice of Jag steering joint at 54, a patent part at 34 or a second hand part at 15. The Jag and patent parts would have to be ordered as it was just about the only parts he didn't have on the shelf.
As I wanted two I chose the 15 option (anyone that knows me and at fuel nearly a 1 a go knows that I don't part with money easily as there isn't much to spare).
If the cause of the joints becoming slack is due to being close to the exhaust and I'm baking them out with the heat it would be a waste to buy the expencive ones.
Anyway the finished product seems to have remedied most of the problems I had.
Once again nice one Andy.