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12-09-05, 05:41 PM
Who's going?


12-09-05, 05:58 PM

I'm going and so are some of the others from the Essex mob.

We are meeting at Thurrock services in the morning (Saturday) - are you joining us??

Anyone care to suggest a semi-sensible (i.e. "BILKO-FRIENDLY") meeting time?


12-09-05, 06:41 PM

Bilko always say's he don't do mornings, but deep down he'll be there at anytime you suggest, to show off that fine bling bling shiny shiny.
See you there fellas :thumb:

Andy S
12-09-05, 06:53 PM
Dave arnt the Essex mob coming down Friday night to join us for a few bevvies ????

12-09-05, 07:10 PM
Don't look like it mate.
You can't shine a car up when your pi55ed

Happy Jim
12-09-05, 08:27 PM
I'll be there


12-09-05, 10:11 PM
According to the Totalkitcar website, doors open at 8.00 to the public with passenger rides starting at 9.00. So how about we meet at 6.30? No only kidding ... don't have a heart attack Bilko! I suggest we meet at Thurrock Services at 8.00 and leave no later than 8.15. Any other thoughts?

13-09-05, 12:01 AM
Depending on the weather I will be along sometime after 1.00 pm as I have to work Sat till 12.00:-(

13-09-05, 08:21 AM
Dave / Vin,

I was only pulling his leg - he will have to have breakfast in bed being Sunday and all!

Mick, personally I think that 8.00 is too early (BILKO??) - it's only 20 minutes away and am sure there won't be long queues like csma festival. - If we go a little later I'm sure we can get more to come along with us.

Anyone else joining us at Thurrock?

Now, better fill the Cob up with petrol (!!!)


13-09-05, 08:45 AM
I'll be there, but as I'm bringing 3 people I will be in the Range Rover and not the Dax.

I will come and say hello though....


15-09-05, 10:14 AM
emgee Bilko and all,

Lets meet at Thurrock at 9.00 as others are doing the same - I'm sure we won't have to queue, and if we do, then we can sort out your air locks when we get inside the gate!!!

Now, who's meeting us at Thurrock (at 9.00am) ???


15-09-05, 06:19 PM
Me & Mrs Bilko Will Be There, May Not Be Awake, But We'll Be There.
Cant someone Organise a soddin meet that takes place when the suns up, instead of in the middle of the night, getting up at 9am's just not natural.
I realy dont do mornings ,in fact i normaly struggle to do afternoons:D .

Ken Henry & Paul Will also Be There For 9 :thumb: .

15-09-05, 07:55 PM
9.00am is fine with me and Soo - that gives me an extra hour to polish the bling and sort out the stove for the tea!

15-09-05, 07:58 PM

Bring the club banner please

Alaska Gray
15-09-05, 08:06 PM
Are there going to be tade stands do I need to bring plent of shillings (hope so)


Alaska Gray
15-09-05, 08:09 PM
I ment trade stands (can't Spell after a whisky or two)

15-09-05, 08:38 PM
I ment trade stands (can't Spell after a whisky or two)

I've contacted Steve Hole about this (bit disappointed that no one wanted to take my money for tat at the Euro Fast Car Show) and he told me it's in the hands of Brands Hatch who require a huge Public Indemnity Insurance cover for traders. Therefore I will not hold my breath (despite repeated requests):-}

15-09-05, 08:42 PM
Grahame / Robin

I know for certain Europa and Kit Builder Solutions are not going to be there.

Rat Boy
15-09-05, 11:00 PM
I'll be on the stand where the Oyster girls will be giving free massages and the Thalgo girls will be giving away mens skincare products. :thumb: :thumb:

15-09-05, 11:22 PM
Rat boy
I'll join you 'cos I need a massage and you need the skincare products. LOL:thumb:

15-09-05, 11:43 PM
Hi Dave pipes still giving trouble, starting to look dim for saturday let alone friday camping:-(

Rat Boy
15-09-05, 11:43 PM
I'm on the stand all weekend so by Monday I should be well relaxed and as handsome as you Dave. :D

Bring the rest of the gang over, as I'm sure all the Friday night campers will need a massage after sleeping rough.

15-09-05, 11:53 PM
Rat boy

Nobody is that handsome.
I'll come and find you just to make sure your ok.:D

16-09-05, 12:22 PM
I was planning to go on the Sunday, did I hear that the Sunday was cancelled?

If not, will the main kit companies/parts suppliers still be there on the Sunday or is it their day off? I need a few electrical bits.

Also, does anyone know of alternative suppliers of the Pilgrim expansion tank? (wanted better quality and lower price....as usual)

ta. Lordy

16-09-05, 01:55 PM

There is nothing there on sunday. If you don't go saturday you've missed the boat.

16-09-05, 06:57 PM
May get down about 1ish - depends on what time my latest ebay purchaser shows....