View Full Version : O.T. Highstreet photo enlargers?? Help

Rat Boy
14-09-05, 08:09 PM
Anyone know if Boots or any other high street photo processing shops enlarge digital pics to poster size? If not, how large will they go???
Thanks chaps.

Andy S
14-09-05, 09:10 PM
there is a place at Aylesford that can do it, behind the car showrooms as you turn into Sainsburys/Homebase etc, cant think of their name at the moment but if I remember I will post details.
I am up that way tomorrow so I will take a drive that way and get their details, what exactly are you looking for as they can do banners for the sides of buildings !!

14-09-05, 09:17 PM
Your local 'Kodak' high street processor will do digital posters, as well as most other; Boots, Max Spielman etc

Regarding how large it will go depends on image quality and what you expect ref clarity.

For an easy (free!!) test open the pic in windows picture and fax viewer, and using your mouse wheel, roll the imeg up slowly, until one part of it is the size on the screen it would be on your poster (you may have to do a bit of simple measuring beforehand to work this out).
Then you can decide if its good enough.
I had quite a lagre picture done at my local kodak franchise in Beeston, about A2 size, from a 5 megapixel camera, andi ts surprisingly good; but to get as good a result on a big print as well photographed a 35mm SLR using 100 ASA film can achieve, you need to be up at 12 megapixels with good lens quality.

Why not pop the image on a memeroy stick or cd and take it to the local processor, they all do digital now.

If you want to go silly large, go to a commercial processor, they are not that much more than high street prices.



Purple AK
14-09-05, 09:46 PM
Try Photodeal http://www.photodeal.co.uk/pages/prices---services.htmThey go up to 30" x 20" :thumb:

Rat Boy
15-09-05, 11:06 PM
Thanks for the replys chaps. Andy, did you get the name of the place in Aylesford?