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18-09-05, 11:28 PM
Any advice on seat choice?
Cobra Classic or cub look to be great value compared to the others at nearly double the price for a standard black vinyl.
Anyone fitted these? Opinions?
Looking for seats for my SR.

19-09-05, 06:13 AM

i have an Ak which i'm just puting the finishing touches to, i have gone for the Cobra Cub seats as the classic's side seem too deep to allow easy entry to the car, main differences i can tell you about these seats to say a standard kit supplied bucket is the "Cobra" seats are a sisara type sprung cushion pan underneath but have straighter back form, wheras the kit supplied seats seem to be dead pan bottom with wood to build up covered with foam, although they do seem to be far more curved back. this allows them to have just that little bit more adjustment rearward as they "fit" the rear scuttle better. At the moment i have fitted adjusters to both my seats and after having a look at a few sva's taking place i believe i will pass the anchor point test with these fitted, on top of this i aslo have 10mm spacers. this allows me to get the best beneifit from the sprung cushion pan. ChesterAK leant me his old seats for a while, this is where i'm basing this view from. The "Cobra" seats are also metal framed as opposed to a fibreglass shell design.

just my views,, (i used to work in seating quite a bit)

19-09-05, 06:59 AM
The seats Gerry Hawkridge supplies are the best I've ever sat in. Steel framed, and without too much "side" on them just like the originals (for the lardy-****d amongst us) the only problem is that they are 900 a pair!
I'd love to be able to find something similar at a keener price.

19-09-05, 07:00 AM
Hey....the software put stars where I put ****

19-09-05, 11:50 AM
Thanks guys. It was the cub seat that i may be looking at for future lardy confort. The classic might be a bit tight even between the tunnel and door going by its measurements.
Vinyl will do as my boys will no doubt be jumping in and out. Helps keep the cost down as well. 900 for seats is not for me. I would be scared to drink my coffe at shows sitting in the car.
Does the angle of the Cub seat sit well against the back of the Tub in an SR - anyone got these fitted?
The AK has a dropped floorpan so the seats probably sit at a more severe angle.

Andy S
20-09-05, 04:30 PM
These are the SR shells in my SRV8 and very comfy they are too.

Front of seat is through the chassis cross member and the backs are through the floor with a strip of steel across both bolt holes underneath, just for added strength.

20-09-05, 09:45 PM
Andy, So the back base of the seat must sit within the chassis rails then?
All i need to know then is if the back of the cobra cub seat will fit in the same place and not on top of the chassis rails.

21-09-05, 06:25 AM

where are you as i could post you an old demostrator cub seat. its a bit battered but as long as you promise to post it back you could have a go? i borrowed it from cobra themselves but havent got round to returning it yet, so its not mine but am sure they wouldnt mind, especailly if its drumming up business fro them.

21-09-05, 07:25 AM
If you get a decent trimmer the flat bottom shells come out far more comfortable than the standard made for all.

Basically your trimmer needs to sit you in the seat and build up the foam to your body shape. Then trim down the areas needed and in your luber add curved sections till you get it just touching . Foam can be added under the thigh area to give support there also.

Takes about a morning for fitting and thaen you leave it up to the trimmer to finish. Wont be as cheap as an off the shelf seat but if its comfort and finish you want its well worth considering

Andy S
21-09-05, 07:33 AM
John the back indeed sits between the chassis rails, however if yours end up a little too wide at that point due to the tie rod etc then a short piece of box section can be used under the rear fixings to bring the back up a tad to clear the rails.

21-09-05, 08:39 AM

I have a set of cobra seats from Richfield and they are VERY nice. They are steel framed making them a lot more comfortable and a lot safer than the usual fibreglass seats covered in leather. They also come with nice looking runners.

The seats are 1inch narrower than standard and have padding in the same places as the original (not a lot at the sides).

I also bought the optional head rests which are removable so you can keep the poser look and keep safety driving long distance.

I can take pictures of the seats if you like?


21-09-05, 11:34 AM
I am near Kilmarnock in Ayrshire, Scotland. Usually too far from anyone else.
Probably going to Donnington though (get seats). Maybe a few measurements of the seat would do me over and above the standard ones in the magazine.

Unix John,
The richfield seats are very nice. The cobra seats are also tubular framed and can take headrests as well as costing less. Again without trying all different types shell against tubular frame etc for comfort and all its a bit of a minefield.

If you see a guy jumping in and out of your cobras at Donnington i'm just trying out your seats - Honest.