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23-09-05, 12:36 PM
Has anyone a picture of the dashboard layout of the Bardahl cars?

My Ram SC has the same bonnet as the Bardahl cars have, which I assume is a modified standard bonnet, it doesnt appear that easy to fit original bonnet handles and base plates plus latches (which I have!) to this bonnet and I am thinking to keep this project simple and use the bonnet clips as per the Bardahl cars, the last car I spent hours making up the angle plates and built stainless steel boxes for the latches, I think I am getting lazy, but I am thinking the Ram SC is a very particular car and if something was production a few years ago with the same make then its in good taste!

Also curious if any Ram owners modify the dashboard and make it straight like the original cars? - as I cant quite make up my mind on the corners and how to finish them, as I would like the ends to curve as its an easy way to finish them instead of leaving the dash edge right there at the body corners, one point on the bodywork there its very strong and cutting out the corners and across will be some work, but if anyone has a tip on finishing the dash or what the Bardahl cars had for a dash I would appreciate it!

23-09-05, 03:00 PM

I am in russia at the moment, so give me until monday to email you photos of some Bardahl dashboards. You may not have seen the thread here, but my ex bardahl car is almost finished so I changed the dash but still have access to the original dash. Roger Klimcke racing in Broxted rebuildt my car and they also used to be race engineers for the Bardahl Trophy so know pretty much all there is to know about them. Roger has a few pics of the cars from back then so I could try to scan/photograph them.

Do you mean you have a bonnet with two NACA vents either side of the bonnet scoop? There were two versions of the bonnet, the difference being the height of the scoop.

23-09-05, 10:55 PM

That would be great for a some picts, send to:


My car has the bonnet with the two NACA ducts, and a reasonably high scoop, which may have to go higher for the Nascar engine, due to the inlet manifold etc.

23-09-05, 11:09 PM
Will do..

Regarding the scoop, I had mine cut off and had an ali one made and riveted to the bonnet. The ali guy basically used my old one as a "buck" to make one and it looks great with stainless rivits.. Purely for the riveted look...sad really.. lol

In the work shop they have another ram with a Bardahl bonnet, and its scoop is twice the height of my standard looking one. I'll see if I can snap another pic of it.

24-09-05, 01:56 AM

Hey the alloy riveted looks brilliant, have you still the bonnet clips or have
gone for the handles and base plates etc?
Does your dashboard have big corners on the bodywork at each end, I have
almost got the electric hacksaw out, to remove all the corners and taper, and
just leave about a 1" curve, do some glasswork and then make an alloy dash!