View Full Version : A gelcoat experiment

29-09-05, 01:09 PM
Being fed up with some of the gelcoat I've been applying to my GD not setting, I performed the following, highly scientific experiment:

3 samples of gelcoat, all with one teaspoon of gel.

Sample A1 - 1 drop of hardener
Sample B2 - 2 drops of hardener
Sample C3 - you've guessed it, 3 drops of hardener

Applied 2 patches of each to some cardboard, covering one of the patches with clingfilm. Left overnight.


The results:

Sample A1 uncovered set a little better than A1 covered, which surprised me. On prodding, had finger covered in wet sticky gel.

Sample B2 uncovered felt a bit tacky but left no residue on my finger. The covered sample felt set but slightly soft

Sample C3 (yes, I'm not sure why I needed numbers AND letters, but there you go) uncovered was set nicely, feeling only very slightly tacky (which will most likely come off with acetone). The covered sample felt hard as a rock.

Have applied more of mixture C3 to my damaged area on the car and hopefully will be able to sand and polish it tomorrow!!