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29-03-01, 09:38 AM
I am in the process of shopping for an engine. I have had my Dax chassis jigged up to fit a small block Chevy and Tremec box. I have just finished building and now have a rolling chassis which i am keen to put my engine in. Hoping to purchase a 350 Chevy around the 400 bhp mark, this will be linked to a Jag 3.31 powerlock diff. Although i had decided on a Tremec box, some one said to me why not use a Jag based Getrag box, (could save my self a bit of cash then).. Has anyone fitted this box, will it handle the horsepower?? or am i better sticking to the Tremec box ?? yr comments please

Pete T... Dax cobra guy with a built chassis ! cheers Rob!

29-03-01, 10:54 AM
LAST EDITED ON 29-Mar-01 AT 11:57 AM (GMT)[p]As far as I can remember, its going back a long way, the getrag box wouldn't cope with 400 lb/ft torque, whereas the Tremec will with no problems.

The getrag was out of a BMW, and they never got anywhere near the 400lb/ft torque, which is what you need to measure it by, not the HP.

If you buy cheap, you pay twice.

Hope this helps.

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29-03-01, 11:24 AM
Cheers Rob. Sound words of advice!
any chance of e mailing me a photo or two of yr Cobra, engine shots etc., would love to drool !!
Cheers Peter T

29-03-01, 11:52 AM
I am going up this weekend to sort the engine out whith the charger, will post photos when done.


Cobra Club Web Bloke with a Blown GD!

29-03-01, 04:32 PM
On the contrary, I have a Getrag 5 sp. out of a Jag. XJS 3.6, sitting behind my 400 Chevy which was dynoed at 451bhp & 516lbft torque. It is a delight to use, smooth & precise, and no reliability problems so far at all. I change the gearbox oil once a year regardless of mileage. Therefore I can only recommend the Getrag based on my personal experiences.
Hope this helps you to make the best decision.