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05-04-01, 07:29 PM
Not only do I not have my car finished yet but I have to read about these lucky buggers....

05-04-01, 07:47 PM
They are completely right about Porsche drivers and M3 drivers, I just love them.

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05-04-01, 07:58 PM
Robert , what do u mean about porsche drivers and m3 drivers .
i got a 911 and a dax cobra what do u make of that then

05-04-01, 08:14 PM
The local Porsche garage is about 4 miles from my house, and the use the A428 as a client test run, and more often than not I tend to catch up with them, and then overtake them. They really don't seem to like it alot.

Then you get the boxsters of this world that are not in the 911 bracket but think they are.

M3 drivers are another kettle of fish entirely, they are just out to pose, but do seem to like to take on a Cob now and then with interesting results.

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06-04-01, 12:19 AM
...............I read that posting the other day; glad to see Alpha male is alive and kicking in the US as well! Loved the one about setting all the alarms off in the multi storey. Must try that when mine is finished!


06-04-01, 11:22 AM
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Have to agree with Steve.
I had a 911 turbo that was as sweet as a nut. That was until someone was kind enough to steal it and smash it up for me. However I am happy to say their little stunt cost them a long spell in a hospital bed and I have been lead to believe they will always walk with a limp. They were never told that 911s don’t like those tight corners - Let that be a lesson to anyone that desides to play with our toys uninvited!

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