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27-11-05, 11:50 AM
Hi guys i got back from the trim shop yesterday, first impression driveing with hood up, quite good noisy as you seem to hear the running gear ie diff, travelled at 80 all the way up the M6 and it didnt fly off or worry me with any undue flapping, mines a dax so roy used all dax bits but made a bespoke hood cos it had a tonnaue cover fitted but the fixings were just out for the standard dax hood. solid side windows with velcro fastenings. It was raining quite heavy when i left but hey it rain in any were apart from the top of the centre screen but a little mod this morning with some glued rubber strip sorted that. Now the best bit wot a fr**g*n job fitting it and dismantleing it into the boot, this is going to be only done if a monsoon is imminent and ime 200 mile from home, i will post some pics of the hood fit when the weather dries up. I'll post you soon of wot i think of the trim shops work when ive had chance to play with her a bit more.:thumb:

28-11-05, 07:18 AM
With a bit of Origami, the hood can be fitted snugly into one of those suit protectors - you know the ones you get from the dry cleaners or marks etc.

You wont believe it at fiirst, but you can get it in with the folds coinciding with the fabric corners and not the plastic screen

clive a brown
28-11-05, 07:37 AM
If I was starting again - would not bother with a hood - 12 years of summers and had the hood up twice.

Cheers Clive

28-11-05, 08:23 AM
Yea you are probably right, i have only had it done for emergencies, i.e if me and er indoors go away for a long weekend and it starts to pee down, at least it stops her from bending my ear for the next 12 months,:-}

28-11-05, 01:11 PM
A hood is as important as getting married. I2 years and only had it up twice.
You know it makes sence

28-11-05, 01:15 PM
My wife usually give me a hand with my hood...:angel:

13-03-06, 08:15 AM
My wife usualy helps me to get it up as well!

13-03-06, 10:20 AM
If you do any long distance stuff where you are away from home overnight then you'll appreciate your investment in decent hood.

If you can pick and choose when you travel then you can get away without.