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mick m
29-11-05, 09:49 PM
Has anyone got a Canon EOS 350D and are they pleased with it. For similar money its a toss up between the Canon and the Nikon D50. Any recommendations.


29-11-05, 09:57 PM
Has anyone got a Canon EOS 350D and are they pleased with it. For similar money its a toss up between the Canon and the Nikon D50. Any recommendations.


I have a Nikon D1H, and its fab. Simon Finlay has a D2X, and I am really really jealous. :D

29-11-05, 10:52 PM
Hi Mick, Being a very keen amateur photographer I decided to go digital earlier this year. As a dedicated Pentax user for over twenty years I thought I only had to upgrade to the *istDL. Unfortunatelly not the case, it would not work with the Pentax lenses I have so it came down to a choice between the Canon EOS350D, Nikon D70S or the Pentax. After much reading, research and trying, I narrowed the choice between the Canon and Nikon. I finally opted for the Nikon for several reasons. Firstly it felt better and more confortable to use in my large hands. The build quality seemed better than the Canon which had a cheap feel to it and I thought was less robust than the Nikon. The extra 2 million pixels offered by the canon would not be noticed unless enlarging to over A3 size and the lens quality would probably cause more distortion than the extra pixels would benefit.
At the end of the day it is up to you, what feels good and what type of pictures you want to take. If you want to use the camera in it's fully automatic mode all the time then don't waste your money on a quality SLR, get a good compact. If as I suspect you are more like myself and want to use the full potential of the camera then the choice is yours. I can only say from experience I am absolutely delighted with the Nikon and do not regret my choice.
Incidentally I tend to use a Tamron 18 - 200 XR dI 1:3.5 - 6.3 lens which gives superb results.

simon finlay
30-11-05, 10:22 AM
I am slightly biased in as much as a working pro photographer I have used Nikon for over 20 years, although some of my fellow pros have changed over to Canon but this was mainly for the extra speed when using the 300mm and upwards lenses for sport. Personally I am more than happy with the Nikons I use(D2x, D2H and D1X). Although I do not have much personal experience with the D50/70/100 range of cameras many of my friends have and they report good news. It may be worth looking at a D100 as this is being replaced by the new D200 and there are some amazing deals about both new and second hand. If buying new look at the bodies that come with lenses as the cost difference with-out makes the lenses almost free compared with buying them seperately. Finally one huge advantage of Nikon is that you can use any of the old Nikon lenses as they have always used the same lens mount, you may loose some of the automated functions with the old lenses but it does mean you can pick up some very good optics at very cheap prices until you can afford to up grade, if you want to talk one to one leave me a message with your phone no and I will give you a call and may be able to offer you some good deals on lenses, happy snapping what ever your choice, cheers Simon

30-11-05, 04:07 PM
Agree with Simon Finlay on the lens front; for 15 years I did poster and wedding photography (strange combo, but hey I needed the money!)
I had 5 Nikon bodies for the weddings, Photomic, F, F2, FM, FM2, and the lenses all interchanged, with, as Simon says, some loss of function, but still well usable.
Its a Nikon principle, backwards compatibility I think the IT boys call it.
Cant comment on digi versions though, and Canon make fantastic lenses