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07-12-05, 04:35 PM
I'm trying to plan what I should budget for before fitting the body and one hurdle is the engine bay lining.
Is it a good idea to line the engine bay, and can anyone point me in the direction of some photos of a typical RAM bay?
I have a good value sheet metal workshop nearby which specialises in stainless and ally. I had thought of cutting templates and getting them to cut the pieces and then rivit the joins, or where possible get them to weld them.
Anyone any experience of trying this (or has templates??).
Or is this a BAD idea!

07-12-05, 04:57 PM
Hi Neil,
Try this, std solution as fitted by RAM, pretty easy to copy.

07-12-05, 05:22 PM
As an alternative, I covered the firewall with ally, which is a flat single piece and then had the footwells and inner wings sprayed the same colour as the car.

Dave Williams
07-12-05, 09:50 PM
I did mine myslef with some ally and a pop rivet gun.

If you're patient you can get quite a good finish. I regret not using stainless steel since the ally gets dull v quick. - I like the idea of spraying the footwells - wish I'd thought of that also...:rolleyes:

08-12-05, 08:18 AM
stainless is a lot heavier though

08-12-05, 09:16 AM
This picture doesn't show it too well but mine is painted (as is the whole underside of the car) in 'aluminium' wheel colour on bulkhead and inner wings.

08-12-05, 03:37 PM
Thats a big help gents thankyou. Can I ask what order you did things in as I had planned on putting the engine in before fitting the body, is this not a good idea??

08-12-05, 05:33 PM
I had the inner panels sprayed and then dropped the body over the rolling chassis which already had the engine installed. I did not run into any problems doing it in this order but I think Dave recommended dropping the engine in late in the build because it allowed free and easy access to the engine bay for plumbing and wiring and so on.

09-12-05, 01:11 PM
Cheers again!