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07-04-01, 01:17 AM
Has anyone had any experiance with MOT test and number plates?
I've been told my Sumo will not pass with black plates(1978 reg.)
I know it should only be pre 72 with this type of plate, but do they bother on the test.


07-04-01, 11:40 AM

I have got my Kit Registered on a L Plate and date of registration as 01Aug 1972 but I have just bought a Chrome number plate surround grom Europa and had an American style alluminium pressed plate made. I have not gone for black and yellow but black with raissed silver letters using Vintage Motorcycle font
I dont know how i`ll get on with MOT but you could always have a cheap set made up on standard plates and then put on others after


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07-04-01, 10:43 PM
I run my car and black and silver plates and it has an age related 73 plate (1 year too late for genuine black and silver plates) but I have never had any hassle with the MOT.

Give it a try.

Good Luck,

Nigel Brackenbury

08-04-01, 11:07 PM
iv`e had an 83 sdi rover which had a 5.0ltr stroked rover v8 in it, ran jag brakes at front bilstien suspension lowered into the weeds,car was detrimmed fitted with vitesse spoilers painted black,split rim compomotives at each corner,it had black and silver plates,always passed its MOT,but whenever the boys in blue decided to up there numbers for the day they use to pull it,once they found it was all legal bar plates they would tell me to take it to MOT station with legal plates on and produce MOT saying it had been retested with them on,i`d then revert to black plates till next pulled.Mal

ps,got to know tester pretty well he became quite helpful