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20-12-05, 07:09 PM
OK long long story.


I have a rather special engine in a rather "unspecial" range rover and i would like to get as much money for the lot as i can so i can start on the GD.

Wondering how much you guys thought an engine of this spec might be worth:

Rover 4.0 V8- wiht only 2500 miles on it- very very very carefully run in on the finest ovoline oils. Engine was built and Blueprinted by Steve Lund at www.lundengines.com

Block: Crossbolted seasoned block, with brand new Top hat liners- this block, will not and cannot EVER go porous or crack. Block has been decked to increase the CR. CR with current heads is at 10.1:1

Rotating assembly- 4.0 rotating assembly fully balanced to 0.5gram with a line bore in the block to take the rotating assembly. As this is a "remanufactured" engine all the rings, seals and bearings are brand new.

Cam- Lund LE1 cam with buckets of torque low down, but coming on cam strongly at 3100rpm.

Heads- standard 4.0 heads with a very small amount of polishing and porting.

General characteristics- loads of torque, revving to 6100 happily, extremely smooth, and very powerful- scares me in the rangie.

so what do you guys reckon- rangie is worth 2400 with the engine in and about 1750 with a different used engine in. Shoudl i take this engine out and sell separately or not?

20-12-05, 08:05 PM
I guess it's a close call the engine is probably worth at least a grand but if you need to buy another engine to put in then all the work to change it. :mad:

20-12-05, 08:40 PM
if the engine is a good un surely it makes sense to stick it in the gd and its one less part to spend buckets of cash on,may be a fair bit of work getting out of the rangie but not impossible

Andy S
20-12-05, 10:29 PM
To be honest if the engine you have is that good I would be inclined to swap it out and sell the landie without it, then stick the good one in the GD, if its that good the GD will fly with it,
Ok you have the cost of swapping it, but set that against the cost of a new engine for the GD...

20-12-05, 11:09 PM
Hmmm tough one isn't it

i'm not adverse to ripping a block out of a Rangie and putting a new one in- i have done it twice already so getting to be a bit of a dab hand. Don't really want to put this block in the GD- i have a lovely 5.5 RV8 semi race engine (ie fully ported heads, lightened rotating assembly etc) that can go in the GD, if i don't just buy a LS1 (story behind this is that i am getting the engines as payment in kind for services provided- so the engines won't have cost me a penny- which is why selling them is quite attractive!)

Just seems like a real shame to sell the rangie as it is with this engine in- i know that whoever buys the car won't value it as they should so it would just be wasted. It really is a lovely piece of kit :)

Just wanted to know what people thought a reasonable amount to expect for it may be. a grand would be a bit of a bargain for somebody- could i expect any more?

21-12-05, 11:11 AM
Hmmm tough one isn't it

Just wanted to know what people thought a reasonable amount to expect for it may be. a grand would be a bit of a bargain for somebody- could i expect any more?

Without wanting to be flippant... It's not that tough.

It's worth what somebody is willing to pay for it, so why not put it on ebay (with a reserve) or in the forum classifieds and you can make your mind up based on the offers you get. As you say, you've already got a couple of choices as to the mill for your GD, so that's not an issue.