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28-12-05, 02:36 PM
Hi All
Am new here and having just secured premises to build my next kit car i thought i'd ask for some advice.
Having watched the "A car is born DVD" i am impressed with the pilgrim kit and just wondered if anyone had any advice onb value for money kits. I also am unsure as to the size of engine to go for. is it to be a v6 v8 or v12?
points of view would be greatly welcomed.
Oh i am also no expert and am just capable of pretty basic kit builds so that has to be a consideration with the new kit.

many thanks


28-12-05, 02:44 PM
Try a search on the forum.




28-12-05, 03:32 PM
As far as engines go, It's GOT to be a V8, both from the fun and the resale point of view.
As far as kits go, this has been covered many times before (see robs post above) just dont forget that parts like wheels, seats, windscreen engine/box etc etc will be common to pretty much all cars, the differences in initial cost (body/chassis) are pretty negligable so make your decision on other things. Buildability, finished value, body/chassis strength, things like that. Above all else, go to a meet and speak to people.
Good luck, you'll always find lots of advice here.:thumb:


28-12-05, 07:28 PM
I agree, it's got to be a V8, nothing else sounds quite the same.

In terms of which kit, I'm building a Viper but it a very difficult build as I've found out therefore I wouldn't really recommend it.

There's lots of Pilgrim Sumo's out there so they must have some appeal. I think after that you're getting into AK427 and GD 427 territory at which point the price starts rising.

It's a difficult choice but you should be able to get more than enough information from this forum to make a judgement.

Anyway, no matter what kit you decide on you'll find plenty of help here.

Good luck

john cohen
28-12-05, 07:49 PM
:thumb: My sumo build went together like a jigsaw. Mine is sierra based. Good value for money. And i am quite sure tony at pilgrim will see you alright:thumb: :D

28-12-05, 08:18 PM
In nut shell,

It's got to be V8 :thumb:

The rest depends on your budget and skill level and usage needs. :D

28-12-05, 08:58 PM
Easy (finally a question I do know the answer to), AK and a Chevy 350. Any other questions (like a realistic build budget etc.)?

/ Bowtie :thumb:

28-12-05, 09:18 PM
There is NO alternative to a V8...There are PLENTY of alternatives to a Pilgrim however *ahem* :rolleyes:

28-12-05, 09:45 PM
I've built a Pilgrim and an AK and without a shadow of a doubt the AK was a lot easier.

The Pilgrim was a good value for money kit, but after driving a Jag based Cobra the difference is vastly different.

As said on here, you have to work out your budget, then go and visit all the manufactures or wait till the shows start in the Spring.

Whatever you decide on, good luck.

28-12-05, 11:14 PM
Mike, any chance you could make a list of the vast differences between the two kits and e-mailing it to me?


28-12-05, 11:31 PM
hi noodles
As the guys said its got to be a v8 theres plenty of good kits out there just depends on your budget. i've heard good reports about pilgrim backup also GD but thats from my own experience also have had good comments from a friend about Hawk but he's building a stratos.
Good luck hope to see the finished cobra at a show.

29-12-05, 11:16 AM
We are currently building a Pilgrim Sumo with a Rover V8 engine. We changed from our original plan of a 2 litre engine, then 3 litre V6 then finally to the V8. As the others have said there is nothing quite like the sound of a V8, and the originals had them too.

If you are building a car for fun and not to sell when you're finished the resale price of the car shouldn't really matter, although I guess it is good to have a more expensive car when you're finished. We have been impressed with the service Pilgrim offer and the quality of their kit.

29-12-05, 03:24 PM
Mike, any chance you could make a list of the vast differences between the two kits and e-mailing it to me?


Tone, mate, you do recall following a GD and a Crendon along bumpy windy roads, do you not?

We were having fun. And probably could have gone a lot faster. That is the difference.

Happy New Year old chum!

29-12-05, 03:26 PM
Many thanks everyone.
Ok so it's unanimous that it's going to have to be a V8. From talking to many people and from a good nosey on here, the pilgrim kit seems a safe bet, good value for money, build quality and ease of build.
What V8 though?
I am on a budget (my last car was a dutton:thumb: ) and that was easy and loads of fun and was built in a shed! But now due to new work premises i have loads of space to build my new car.
However as i mentioned i am on a budget but want to go a bit faster than my Dut and tour too! So fuel consuption will need to be at least good enough to get out of town without having to fill up again or being dicated to by only going places that have a garage within 100 miles.
so what is the differance between say a rover a jag a ford and a chevy? (still new to this) or more simply which is the cheapest that will give good mpg and still burn off most at the lights?

Sorry for silly Q's but i need to start somewhere.



29-12-05, 03:36 PM
got to be a rover then!:thumb:

29-12-05, 03:37 PM
Noodles old chap - you are not going to find out all you need to know on this forum.

Where are you in the UK? My advice would be to join this here CRC, get the mag, find your local Cobra Club meet, and go make friends with the people there. They will have lots of different cars, built to lots of different specs.

The big kit-car shows are not far off - Stoneleigh is the biggest, May Bank holiday usually.

But to answer some of your questions:

"Jag based" means that the front suspension and rear diff/suspension came from a jag, hence IRS, and brakes up to the task direct from the donor. Coilover shocks with good choice of spring rates and dampers.

"Rover V8" - cheapest way into V8s, plenty around, but getting more power than standard will cost. And eventually, you WILL want more power than standard. Getting anywhere near American V8 power will cost a great deal.

"Chevy (or Ford) V8s" - easiest way to big capacity V8 power. 250Hp and up no problem, torque to die for. Can be cheaper than a tuned Rover V8 for the same power/torque, but demand a whole order of magnitude tougher gearbox and rear end (Jag). With costs to match.

You want mpg? 20 mpg will be pretty much the most you can attain, and that for a relatively std RV8 in a lightish car. These things just don't do economy.

As I have said elsewhere, why is economy important in a car that will do 2 - 4 thousand miles or less per annum?

Now go meet up with your local cobra-nuts. We don't bite, honest.

Lastly - building is not the only way into Cobra replica ownership - lots of pre-built cars out there going for less than the sum of their parts.

30-12-05, 07:44 AM
Tone, mate, you do recall following a GD and a Crendon along bumpy windy roads, do you not?

We were having fun. And probably could have gone a lot faster. That is the difference.

Happy New Year old chum!

Correction - We were having lots of fun, that is until I took a right turn, went through some cow s**t & got your Crendon all muddy :angry:. Sorry :angel: :D

30-12-05, 10:17 AM

....and if you go American V8 then the best sounding pieces of iron out there (maybe excluding a hemi which I suspect you wouldn't try and fit in a Sumo anyway *ahem*) are the Fords......pure aural porn! *ahem* ;)