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08-04-01, 10:57 PM
Whats the best side pipes mounted with the exit pointed straight out or with the exit mounted at 45 degrees downward. For SVA 45 degrees downwards I recon is favorite. The attachment bolts are hidden from the cone check and also the fact that the exit is not directly out must reduce the noise. The problem is I think straight out straight out looks better . So what do you lot think look at the picturs at let me know.

08-04-01, 11:30 PM
might seem daft but pointing down causes reflections in sound wave and increases db reading,thatis why they take the reading in open space so as not to get false readings from reflections off walls and buildings.

09-04-01, 12:49 AM
Pointing down Bob, that second picture looks much better! You can also see that the bits projecting below the car look less prominant in that photo and the whole assembly just looks more 'ballanced'. Just my opinion though.

Keep up the good work!


09-04-01, 08:36 AM
Thanks for the advise I thought pointing them downwards would reduce the noise out put. So its looks like I will have to leave then straight out at least for the SVA

04-06-01, 08:01 AM

No idea regarding rules and regulations as to what option is better, but unlike the others i think it looks a little better at the 45 degree angle.

I run my Dax at about that and the only comment would be is that they blow up a hell of a lot of dirt and rubbish when you start up anywhere that isnt totally clean underneath, do find them a little easyer to live with though than poking out at right angles

04-06-01, 11:16 AM
Thanks for your comment .I prefer them at 45 degrees because they hide the brackets .They also protect the brackets from the SVA cone test. I am making SVA ends for my exhaust exit. I don't want to use the Sumo bodge if I can help it. Although it works Ok and many people have passed using it.I'll have a look at what they look like when they are fitted before I make my final decision.

04-06-01, 12:15 PM
Just a thought Bob
My Dax has the pipes pointed down at 45 degrees and I get no fume in the cockpit even with the hood on. Looking at the straight out view, you may slipstream fume inboard from the vortex caused by the wheel. Have heard of some Sumos that suffer from this.
Good luck

05-06-01, 05:34 PM
I was thinking of doing a 45 degree twist myself, but I thought it would strain the rubber mountings on the side pipes? Have you angled your mounting brackets so that the rubber bobbins arnt squashed on one side?


05-06-01, 09:22 PM
Yes I rebent the brackets to give 45 degees . Ive now got straight on one side and 45 on the other. So I need to sort it out or look a daft. Not that I dont already. I'll send a photo and a drawing if you'r interested.

06-06-01, 09:42 AM
cheers, thansk bob, that would be good.