View Full Version : seat belt mounts/roll bars and sva compliance?

26-01-06, 04:59 PM
im looking at having two single roll bars fabricated out of 2" dia and maybe 2 to 3mm thick, and spiggots for them to mount on on the chassis , then having 4 point harnesses mounted on the bars, if you know what i mean. i think they would be strong enough, but what do you think the nice sva inspectors would make of it??:confused:

26-01-06, 05:21 PM
That's how GD do it - didn't cause any problems at my SVA. They do check the mountings visually and I'm sure it's not the kind of thing you'd wish to bodge anyway. The GD rollbars are capped at the end and have an internal thread. They bolt up through the chassis using BFO suspension bolts (3 leg bars)

26-01-06, 05:36 PM
As long as you can take some proof of how securely the roll bars are mounted ( photos ) then you should have no problems. :thumb:

26-01-06, 06:02 PM
is that even with just a two bar hoop, as in without third leg? i think it should be ok, but want to make sure before i commit myself.

Purple AK
26-01-06, 06:08 PM
My guess is they will want some form of front/rear triangulation :( The easy way is to pop along to your chosen SVA station and ask the tester his opinion. They are normally friendly ;)

26-01-06, 07:57 PM
Am having the same dilemma myself. According to Thunder Road Cars you need to show some triangulation to pass. Any brace on a Ram would run to the top of the petrol tank!! so I'm limited to unbraced bars. This is with 3mm tubing.
So I'm looking to do the bracing and mounts underneath the bodywork as far as possible and set the seat as low as possible.

26-01-06, 11:32 PM
I'm using a full width rollbar with the top belt mounts one on each side.
Although this will make the eye for the belts slightly off middle of the seat it is allowed to pass. This is how Madgewick told me they are getting customers older original Southern Roadcrafts through SVA. The mounting tubes in the SR chassis are braced uner the body.