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29-01-06, 06:19 PM
Hi Guys,
This one wont matter if you have a Chevy or a Ford in it.

The stalks on my Jaguar steering column actually sit behind the dashboard when the body is in place.
Now this might be because I have a DAX body on the chassis.
Anyone provide info or piccies of this area.
I do note the original build manual asked for a Series 1 XJ6 steering column and the series 2 was not suitable.
Think mine might be from about 1980 cant remember. Thought at the time it might work-not now.
Dont know whether an older column like the series 1 would even pass SVA.

Purple AK
29-01-06, 06:26 PM
Most of the SR's I have seen have the stalks coming out from behind the dash (bent outwards to suit) ;)

29-01-06, 06:33 PM
I dont think bending mine would be enough to clear.

29-01-06, 06:35 PM
Just thought I would ask.
When fitting, does the column need to be put in through the dash? Or do you strip off the stalks etc and refit after dash is in. I have the hole with the slot on the left but having stalks both sides cant wangle it through.

29-01-06, 09:49 PM
I can take some photos tomorrow, but I'm afraid they will be of no use to you what so ever. My SR is pre-SVA and all my instruments work of off switches on the dash. If I remember correctly when I welded and overhauled my column I took it out and replaced it from the engine bay, but I had to strip all the wheel and boss of off it.
Most SR's have the indicator bent into a zig zag out of the dash. Looks cool in some cases but if not done well can look messy.

Here are some old photos things are a little different know, but not much.

29-01-06, 09:56 PM
Maverick as you have a Ford I can't really help you!:D :angry: :thumb: Only joking!

I still can't help you as I have my indictor switch on the dash, but you can use the jag switch, you would need make a cut out on the dash. Ask Andy S.:thumb:

29-01-06, 10:04 PM
The coloum go's though from the cabin side in one piece.

29-01-06, 10:08 PM
Thanks Dave,
I have been out looking at it again tonight.
My column sits quite well out toward the driver and i might get away with not bending the stalks.
I am now going to widen the hole to take the full plastic couling behind the boss. This should allow me to retain the wiper controls etc on the column hopefully.
This means less switches on the dash.
I hope it will look OK when finished.
I was going to recover the dash anyway.

29-01-06, 10:10 PM
Thanks for the replies guys.
Was replying to Dave when and then got your posts.
I should be OK now with what I have said previously.
Fingers crossed.