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06-02-06, 07:07 PM
Any advice guys on where a good place to get a nice meal in the Temple bar area of Dublin? Its the wifes 30th and Im trying to plan things with as much precision as she did for mine 2 years ago!

Ive spotted either Mackerel or Elixa Blues, anyone with any experience of either of these or a better option?

Also any must see things in Dublin?


mike gowland
06-02-06, 07:34 PM
i was there a couple of weeks ago.

didnt eat much around temple bar as the nightlife around there seemed to involve drinking only.

the guiness factory has opened a visitor centre/museum which was worth a visit and ends with a free guiness in the viewing tower which has spectacular views over the city. Best get up there while its still light.

i went with the boys butenjoyed it so much i am planning on revisiting with the wife soon. The real pubs are well worth a visit, not full of youngsters, the locals are pleased to see you and there is no smoking which makes a big difference.:rolleyes:

Grease Monkey
06-02-06, 07:59 PM
Depending on how much you value your relationship, you could take her to Eddie Rockets. Best burger and milkshake / American Diner i've been in, and it's open until pretty late. Much better than a dodgy Kebab at midnight, but perhaps not what you had in mind..


Andy S
06-02-06, 08:42 PM
Try 'Break For The Border' its a tex mex just up from temple bar,heading south away from the liffey, good atmosphere , big portions and open till late, bit of a party atmosphere and has a disco down stairs etc, with live bands at weekends.
quick word of warning if you havnt been before is do not go too far north of the Liffey it can be a bit rough at night, always better to stay south of the river in my experience.
look out for the 'Tart with the cart' - molley malone staue, and the fluzey in the jaccuzzi, immediately north of the liffey over the main bridge.
If you want a cultural trip, try the college and library for some lovely old buildings, temple bar is a rip off, worth a stroll down but thats about it IMHO.

06-02-06, 11:07 PM
Temple bar area is as described by Mike Gowland, mainly (over-priced)booze.
Good owners and staff in "The Temple Bar" and "Quays". Also definitely have a drink in "Kehoe's" off Grafton street where your wife will love "Brown Thomas" store for shopping. For trendy bars try "Cafe en Seine" and "Ron Blacks" on Dawson St. Nightclubs try "Lillies Bordello" 0035316799204 or "Renards" 0035316775876

Restaurants in Dublin vary in price with nearly no upper limit. Try "Peploes" 0035316763144 or "Bang" 0035316760898 both ok and within 10 minutes walk of everywhere listed above. For lunch try "Avoca Handweavers" 0035316726019 or "Cafe Bar Deli" 0035316771646 both central to shopping area.

Things to do: As Mike said Guinness Storehouse 0035314084800 is a good way to kill time and get a free pint. Trinity College is also worth a visit and you can always do the open top bus hop on hop off "tourist" trip. If you get tired of "shopping" you can always grab a cab and come help me work on the GD.

Any queries give me a call on 00353862525445

07-02-06, 05:35 AM
Thanks Guys, knew I could rely on some good answers!

Its our first time to Ireland so Im looking forward to it, the wife doesnt know where shes going yet!


Grease Monkey
07-02-06, 06:39 PM

Dublin's a fine place, with friendly people. Not surprising when they're charging 5 Euros a pint!

Went there a year or two back for a Red Hot Chilie Peppers concert, boy is Phoenix park BIG!!

Have fun! Then again you live in Swine-don so even Slough must seem like an adventure park by comparison :D :D. Ahh Swindon, it has its knockers, (but you dont see them so much any more since Melinda started doing crap kids CD adverts.)