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09-04-01, 11:42 PM

My Legendary 427 Cobra is in the paint shop and I am in the process of deciding what colour to go for
I am a lover of Blue with Silver Stripes but would appreciate any advise on shade of Blue
I like Pearl effect

I was thinking of

1. Rover Tahiti Blue( Pearl )
2. Ford Imperial Blue ( Pearl )
3. BMW Mauritius Blue ( Pearl )

What is a good Silver to complement

With the Twin stripes

1. How wide should they be
2. What gap between stripes
3. Inset of coachline

If yours is any of the above Colours or you can give me any advise it would be gratefully received



Any assistance gratefully received

09-04-01, 11:52 PM

Here the photo of my car i tried to upload earlier

10-04-01, 05:07 AM
Having just studdied this particular aspect very closely I now consider myself an expert on all things blue with white stripes!

a very nice blue with pearl is Ford Royal Blue. This is a populer colour in the States for good reason. If you want something a bit lighter, then Viper blue is a very vibrant blue with lots of character. I myself wanted a non pearlescent blue with loads of metal flake so I ended up mixing my own, but that is another story! Try and be a bit different though, everyone uses Rover Taihti blue, Ford Pacifica blue and BMW Biaritz/Montreal blue.

Stripes; not too many people know that the stripes are meant to taper from front to back. Stripe (each)witdth on originals went from 6" at the front to 7 3/4 at the cowl, both front and rear with a one inch space in between which didn't taper. Stripes that do not taper do not look right, but if you can notice that stripes flare then it is done too much! As a rule of thumb, the wider you want the stripes the greater the flare, and the greater the gap between them the wider the stripe need to be initially. Mine start at 7 1/2" and flare to 9" with a two inch gap in between. This keeps the outer edge of the stripes outside the oil cooler opening.

Visit clubcobra on the net and run a search, you will get all the info you need on this. Don't know much about silver however, but I hear Mercedes do a nice one. If you were going for white stripes I would say that you should use an off white not a brilliant white, it would look wrong otherwise, too garish! The original white used, such as wimbledon white is a greyish white, I have used something else, but looks good all the same.

Mark the stripes out on the car first, and do what looks best.

For me, finding the right colour was the most stressful part of the whole build,
but is worth it in the end.

best of luck,