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10-02-06, 08:06 PM

I have just finished a genset installation, and i just happen to have 4 metres of 12mm OD stainless pipe, wall thickness 1mm left over!!! are there and problems in using this as the main front to rear fuel line, if it's ok do the ends have to be finished in a certian way to satisfy Mr SVA.


10-02-06, 08:31 PM
There should be no problem, with that but make sure you have a length of rubber either end to take out the vibration movement, also stainless can go brittle over time so may not last as long as copper.
Flare the ends as best you can and use two clips on each end.

10-02-06, 08:35 PM
There isn't too much trouble so long as you are not running fuel injection pressures through it. if that's the case then you must have proper flared ends or the SVA guy will fail you.

12-02-06, 02:15 PM

I suggest against lines for 'solid fuel' altogether. Most cob owners tend to use petrol!

Seriously, The Solid Fuel lines on the fuel injected Jag I broke were stainless, but they did have the flares in the ends to stop the flexis coming off.

13-02-06, 01:38 AM
I found some seamless hydraulic tubing at a scrap yard which I used to replace the mild steel lines on the BMW... it was a bugger to work with, but it will outlast the car...