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24-02-06, 12:56 PM
Theres a guy sat at a bar having a beer,he is a scouser,and built like a brick outhouse with tattoos covering him from head to toe.
Anyhow a gay guy walks in and sits down next to the scouser and orders himself a babbysham and slowly drinks his drink.
After a couple of drinks the gay fellow plucks up the courage to talk to the scouser and says "Would you like a blow-job"?
Barely had the words left the guys mouth when the scouser turns around and beats the gay to an inch of his life and was lucky not to have killed him.W
Anyhow the barman comes over to the scouser and says "Bloody hell you have almost killed that little bloke on the floor,i never realised that you had such a violent temper,what did he say to you?"
The scouser turns around and says" Well i didnt catch all of what he said but he asked me something about a job"!!!!

24-02-06, 02:40 PM
funny!!! good one