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10-04-06, 10:43 PM

Maybe someone can help me. Not having sourced the parts for this Viper of mine I have no clue what the steering column is from. I'm assuming Cortina because its a Cortina based kit but I really don't know.

Anyway, what it doesn't seem to have is any kind of locking mechanism and I'm not so sure there is 2 kinks in it by way of universal joint or whatever it needs for sva. Anybody any ideas as to what to do ?

Also, any ideas on wiring looms ? The one with it seems a bit tatty and really fire scares me so I think I'd like a new one :D



11-04-06, 05:40 PM
A picture speaks a thousand words.......


Is it the same as mine??

Post a picky and we can get back to you on that.


Purple AK
11-04-06, 06:56 PM
I have both a Cortina and Sierra column laying around, If I remember tomorrow (Dean will vouch for my memory :rolleyes: ) I'll post pictures of both ;)

12-04-06, 12:12 AM
I have both a Cortina and Sierra column laying around, If I remember tomorrow (Dean will vouch for my memory :rolleyes: ) I'll post pictures of both ;)

You come good in the end mate. :thumb: (which is missing still!!(the thumb that is!))

The main thing is it turned up before i fitted it!!:D


15-04-06, 08:18 PM
www.premierwiring.co.uk do a wiring loom, including fuse boxes etc for approx £120, damn good bargain i thought.
We modified a granada steering column to fit in ours.
Nice to see you are starting again Al.

24-04-06, 01:48 PM
Cheers Mate

I saw that loom before an was tempted, starting from fresh is the best idea I think just to be sure.

Will grab a few pics tonight an post them :D


27-04-06, 12:36 PM
Ok here's some pictures of what I have :)





Don't know what it is LoL



27-04-06, 03:36 PM
It's a steering column lol. Your loom looks quite tidy, there again ours did until it came to adding fuel injection, alarm, stereo, etc etc.
Keep up the effort.

27-04-06, 05:38 PM
The boss looks the same as mine so veering towards corty.

however the rest of it looks a little strange as ther appears to be a lot of the column missing!!

Are there any slip joints or crumple zones within the column?
Some have a triagular section with a 'hook' on the end that fits into a clamp on the universal joints.
The column may have what looks like a lattice structure or a bellows sectiion to absorb impact and allow the wheel to move away from you to stop crushing.

Are there 2 universal joints with an offset shaft?

You will need some of these for SVA.

Will now take a closer look and contradict myself in a later post:D

You appear to have the offset but to cover it you may need to change the boss to a collapsable one. (please note I cannot speel)

27-04-06, 10:29 PM
LoL Spelling isn't one of my good points either ... I sometimes get keyboard malfunction ;)

Aye Kev it looks ok ... but in the footwells where its been installed on the odd core there is bare wire lol .... would be fun when trying to sort things !!!

Yeah has a triangular thingy into a uj just after it comes through the bulkhead and at the end where it goes into the rack has a funny looking thing :D

I think that boss looks weird too, its very deep, too sticky outy lol especially o get past me belly when seated ! Will need something different for SVA definately. What about a steering lock ? there is a small hole in the shaft below the boss but there is nothing to stick in it lo lock it. I'm assuming this is whee the steeing lock goes ?



27-04-06, 10:56 PM
Should have an oval groove in the shaft where the locking pin from the ignition barrel locates

This lump also houses the mountings for the column stalks as per attached

pity some twerp left their glove in the way!!!!

28-04-06, 07:20 AM
Is that foot welded to the chassis? Mine did not appear to come with that accessory :@)
I think i am right in saying that as long as the is enough of and angle between the steering rack and triangular bar, then that is enough for SVA. The collapsable thing would be needed if the triangular bar went straight (eg no UJ's to bend upon impact).
Was it last weekend or this weekend for body fit Dean?
Looks like you two may over take me soon.
Ceejay sure as hell will as he has just bought a supercharged Rover V8 off evil bay.

28-04-06, 05:44 PM
Hey Dean

Whats that handbrake off ??? Exactly the same as mine with the hoopy bit its mounted on an everything. The toothy rachet bit is there but there's no sign of the actual hand bit :D

I thought I was miles behind but really I'm not to bad. Woohoo !!!

29-04-06, 10:54 PM
Very funny Kev...The foot does leave the chassis....sometimes......

I think the phone call for help answered your question. Thanks for that.
Body fits (ish) but the inner tub has to come off and be reglassed.
didn't like the fact the lower air scoop actually touched the drive. Not enough ground clearance there me thinks!!!!!

Remounted radiator to approx 15 degrees from vertical.

just need to refit the header tank, drop the exhausts a bit and then i can strip it all off again.


The handbrake came with it. I think its from the donor cortina (mk5 i believe). There are also a few modifications done to it as well, as one of the previous owners did a very large bodge that i was very dubious about.

I am a ittle further on than that photo. Took it last year.
Looks a little different now as it has all the mechanical bit on and the body has been plonked temporarily on it.

Kev & myself have the same chassis (But mine was slightly cheaper!!) I have cortina gear & Rover V8, Kev has Granada & Ford V6.

Any questions then don't be affraid to ask


30-04-06, 08:02 AM
'Slightly Cheaper', bit like saying Hitler was a bit nasty!!!!!
Nice speaking to you yesterday Dean, sorry i couldn't be of more help tho.
Do you have the proper wheels/tyres on yours Dean? If so what size/profile are they?

30-04-06, 10:32 PM
'Slightly Cheaper', bit like saying Hitler was a bit nasty!!!!!
Nice speaking to you yesterday Dean, sorry i couldn't be of more help tho.
Do you have the proper wheels/tyres on yours Dean? If so what size/profile are they?

Sorry mate. right place right time.... or as i have now found out it could have been right mug wrong time!!!! But nothing a little ingenuity and hard labour can't sort out. just need to find a job lot of glass & resin.

You were a great help. got me on the right track and much appreciated.

Wheels - In a word NO..

They are a mixture of styles but r13/70's, just for moving it around, so finally setting up may be a bit of a problem. Will need to get some dimensions prior to final fitment of the body so that i can level it all out first, will obviously depend on the style but we'll see. Any one care to divulge the distance from the road to the centre of their hubs?? & also to the top of the inside lip of the wheel arches??

Still need to tweek the suspension. I need to drop 1 inch at the rear to level the chassis, then sort out the springs. I have something in mind but working on it at the mo.;)

See ya soon


01-05-06, 07:50 AM
Hi Dean
No wonder your body shell was touching the drive. That profile/size of temp wheel is well smaller than the final size.
The was a place on the net once that gave the diameter of any given profile / size of wheel (you can then work out the distance of hub from floor).
Also don't forget that with boot lid, petrol tank, petrol, seats, driver installed that the back will compress slightly anyway.
Ours is very spongey at the back and drops down when i stand on rear deck (oops, did i ust say that).
As the actress said to the bishop 'keep it up''