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john cohen
13-04-06, 04:06 PM
:D :D Hi all Got my edition of snake torque to day .Lets have some info on duxford. Do we need to book?? Has enybody booked the sunshine yet???????????:rolleyes: :) :D

13-04-06, 08:03 PM
er yeah.. Did anyone read the preview to MY NEW CAR??////

To Kev T. Excellent article my friend, I'd say hope you're well, but clearly you are.

well done mate x x

14-04-06, 08:23 PM
Thanks Paul ... we had some good fun on the event and now I've fitted the new tank and sorted out the filler cap breather I can start driving again! Hope to see you soon with your new car.

18-04-06, 02:09 PM
Yet another issue with Caterham's in it :D

You know it makes sense ;)