View Full Version : Engines in!

10-05-06, 06:43 PM
Thanks to a rather good crane that Kev Davies lent me, the engine (383) is now roughly in position.
The mounts allow some adjustment forward and back and so twisting too.
Is it important to get the box output shaft and diff flange concentic?
The headers are what will ultimately decide the exact position, they are very close to the bolts holding the mounts to the chassis, in fact they are very close to almost everything!
So could anyone tell me how much flex there is likely to be on start up, ie how much clearence needed?
Also, the tremec 600 box has a mount which is very close to a lower chassis cross member (one back from the one that detatches for fitment). Has anyone used this to mount the gearbox mount or does everyone fabricate one?
It's progressing!!

13-05-06, 12:20 PM
Mounted tremec onto crossmember. Beat up one header, sorry did expert panel beating on one header and now have the best compromise fit I can see possible.

One option could have been to raise the engine but Im worried about the bonnet fitting and do not want to revisit the engine mounts again.

Moroso flat bottomed sump now hangs an inch below chassis. Can anyone tell me is this acceptable with how the Ram sits and speed bumps???