View Full Version : 1 years work undone in hours!!

12-06-06, 09:28 PM
Well i've gone and done it!!

Spent over a year fitting, bashing, filing, welding, grinding and swearing, only to take 5 hours to take it all off again to paint the thing...!!!:eek:

Either i was thorough in my thinking whilst building (yeah right!!) or I forgot something..:p

Estimate 2-3 weeks till I start refitting I hope.
Then its body time:)

At this rate It will be at the meet :drive: very soon, maybe, possibly, err

Grease Monkey
12-06-06, 09:34 PM

Fitting what to what? Engine to chassis?

12-06-06, 09:39 PM
Got it to fully mobile chassis moving under it's own power.
All major mechanical work done.:)

Until i find something i missed:D

22-06-06, 11:53 AM
Hi Dean
You are deffo doing better than us.
Seriously, i think you will be SVAing long before us. I started reassembling ours over a year ago. Still lots of bodywork left to do :(
I would seriously considering powder coating from a time and cosmetic point of view.
Well done with your progress.

25-06-06, 08:54 PM
5 days to paint every thing I remember (My arms included!!)
2 days to try to refit everything without damaging too much!!
1/2 day touching up (The paint before some wag (ie ME) suggests anything untowards!!)
20 mins to clean up the oil as I dropped the drain plug in the funnel whilst draining it DOH!!:mad:

Chassis back to rolling stage with nice shiney Nylocs every where once the front subframe was realligned properly.
Started stripping the engine to see how much I will end up spending:eek:

Think the signature needs changing a bit now!!

25-06-06, 08:59 PM
Looks like you'll be ready in a fortnight from now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25-06-06, 09:06 PM
I Wish!!

Still awaiting my fuel tank.
Something a bit special / stupid!!

Still haven't started the body work yet. That is going to be a biggy from looking at what everyone else are doing.

Engine is going to take a least a few weeks to do.
The its refit that and set it all up.
Just remembered I haven't painted the water pipes yet. Bum! Another thing on the list...............

And I haven't sorted the front suspension. Still not completely convinced of the way i am going to go yet.

Still I am actually ahead of my loose schedule. Wanted to get to rolling chassis stage by the end of the year.


16-07-06, 11:47 AM

Engine in component molecules..

Crank sent off for regrind. New bearings and bolts deffo needed (was fitted with those nice "copper edged with very thin silver stripes" bearings!!!!!!).
Block cleaned, and looks in good nick. no ridge on the bores at all.
Cam sh@gged completely. New to get with timing chain and lifters.
Heads look OK. Just need the obligitory clean and valve grinding. New seals etc.
Rockers and shafts not too bad but might replace them anyway after all this.
Oil pump to be ordered when i get that far.

Chassis back together and rolling nicely. Brake system fully plumbed and upgraded to 4 pots Just need to fill and bleed but leaving that till the engines in just incase i hit something on the way in.
Handbrake fitted - probably the only fully finished job!!
Inner tub cut out of body and fitted to the chassis with a layer of heat reflecting insulation stuck to the bottom to minimise heat effects from the underslungs and to give anyone i run over a mirror to see how bad they are!!! Not that there is that much space there for that.

Its all coming together slowly but surely.

First fix of wiring loom to be started soon once i finalise (as far as possible) the design.

Will keep posting updates till someone complains...............:rolleyes:


16-07-06, 12:27 PM
How many people have you helping you????????????/
Took us best part of 3 months to take running gear apart, sandblast and paint back up.
Sounds like you are having fun with the engine aswel.
Keep us all posted, just makes me jealous with the speed to which you are traversing at.
Cheers for now.