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22-04-01, 06:51 PM
Just intersted if Any one has an opinion of the Fiero Factory Euro 427.

I've heard the body is a Sumo.

I don't plan on getting one, just curious, as it's never mentioned.


22-04-01, 08:50 PM
i dont know anything about the build of the car but the arches look to flared and it doesnt sit the right height, i think the kit is at the more budget end of the market, get a brochure from them and compare it.

22-04-01, 09:47 PM
According to their website, you can build one for 5K. Make what you want of that.


22-04-01, 11:12 PM
As far as I know they only do a Ford based version.

When i enquired about a Jag based version i was told that they were old fashioned and not as good as the ford ?

Make of that what you will- each to their own!


22-04-01, 11:40 PM
Looking into the kit provided by Fiero - there seemed to be no real benefit for the savings. For example, the chassis is weak, the body is not the finest and the price is not reflected by this draw-backs enough. I have gone with the AK as they offer all the benefits of the best with the price of the lowest.

Again - go and see for yourself.

23-04-01, 10:16 AM
There was an angry depate raging on this at one of the newsgroups.
Fiero admit that their body mould was taken from a Sumo, and it uses the Sumo's door hinges. Everything else is their own stuff. Its at the budget end of the market, and is basically competing with Sumo/Classic Replicas 4 pot models. My understanding is that its intended as a 1 donor (all Sierra) build. So no rummaging for other donor bits.

I saw it at Stoneleigh last year - looked OK, but no V8 under the bonnet.


23-04-01, 12:03 PM
Having looked in depth into the ford based kits, my view is that this has to be the better choice.

‘the chassis is weak’ interesting comment; I happen to think the chassis, considering it takes ford components rather than jag, is the best of the ford options for the purpose intended. Considering the final weight of the car it should be more than adequate. OK, it might not protect you so well in a crash but for some people that isn’t as important as the extras gained from a light chassis.

‘it doesn’t sit at the right height’, Adjustable shocks; only a small job to lower it.

Build one for 5 grand, you could also buy an old BMW 316i for 300 quid. You won’t end up with much but if your dream is to own a Cobra shaped sports car, BMW etc and you can’t afford to go all the way then it is a way to get there. Personally I respect that, it is a dam sight harder to get a Cobra on the road for five grand than it is for 10,15 20 or whatever. Let’s face it a lot of the cobra owners on this site would have a real 1960’s Shelby Cobra if they could afford it.

The body shell is designed to look like an AC Cobra 427, surprisingly it looks like most of the other cobra replicas!

Jag parts are great if you are building a high-powered American V8, but if you are building a standard Rover V8 or Ford V6, 2.0 or 1.6 (apparently there are some 1.6L cobras out there) then Ford makes more sense.

Let’s not speculate, If anyone out there has built, tested and/or driven a Euro 427 then I am sure their comments would be valuable. Fiero Factory are bringing another option to the lower end of the Cobra market and from what I have seen and in my view the best. Rash comments in a public forum like this can be very damaging so let’s take it easy and give them a chance to prove themselves first.

23-04-01, 04:27 PM
I would have to agree with those sentiments. Fiero are offering a product for a specific market - and apparently doing very well at it too. If you want a top spec Cobra replica with large V8's then you pay more - but if you are only after something low budget with a "smaller" engine then this is just as good a choice as the others - you generally (not always) pay for what you get)

Fiero are filling the very low budget market with pride - all the best!

28-04-01, 09:30 PM
espite my earlier comments, i would have to agree with the two comments above, and say that feiro are doing a great job in the very low budget market, and if thats what floats your boat then fair enough, some of us are more purist than othes and im afraid mine would have to be a v8 at least and have normal arches not gull wings, sorry!