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27-04-01, 12:27 PM
Just something I need to understand.

I bought my kit with the running gear installed from a jag XJS, but the person I bought it from did not have any documents to give me.

I am told that if I can find a jag V5 I can get enough points not to have a Q plate.

Rear axles, Front suspension, jag column, and I am told that the gearbox also.

So, I saw this 1988 Jag XJ6, with the rectangle headlights parked outside a bodyshop and asked the guy if it was for sale. He basically said that the owner of the car had a full respray 2 years ago and never picked it up because it needed about 800 to be spent on its gearbox and some other items.

I asked the garage guy to get in touch with the owner to ask if he will sell it to me for 50, he said he would do that during last weekend. But I went away on business to India and just came back yesterday. I will go back and see him to see if the owner agreed to sell it to me.

I told him originally that I wanted the V5 so that I could use it for my Cobra, but the Cobra already has all the stuff I need. Basically I would just dispose of the Jag and keep the V5. (I may keep the wheels as well because I only have a set of Halibrands and tyres). In fact someone has also asked if they can have the engine and gearbox out of it as I am told it is a runner but the clutch is jammed.

What I want to know, is, am I doing the right thing.??
Can I pass my Cobra running gear as an XJ6 instead of an XJS??
This car has not had tax or MOT for over 2 years (Tax disc expired May 1999)..

Do I have to do anything special to get this V5 registered for my Cobra??

Hope someone can help....

27-04-01, 04:10 PM
If you built your kit with the running gear from a donor car you would have enough points to register it with an age related plate. You should not "buy " a V5 it's illegal, if you get caught you could be fined. You will also need a receipt for the kit from the kit manufacturer and also an SVA approval certificate to get the car registered.

If you wish you can email me kevin.tams@btinternet.com


27-04-01, 06:13 PM
Thanks for that....

I understand what you say about age related plate, but how do I prove the age of the running gear that someone else installed and that other person does not have the V5 from the original vehicle.....

I was told, just get another old knackered jag from someone (with the V5 obviously) and tell them it came from that car....



27-04-01, 07:02 PM
When you take your car to the DVLA inspectors, you sign a form [I think it's a V55]to say where the major component parts came from. If you say that the car that the V5 that you have produced, provided the listed major components, the DVLA inspectors will take that on face value, within reason. Can you tell if a front suspension arm came from a '78 XJ6 or a 74 Daimler?

The 2 DVLA inspections that I have had done consisted in checking the relevant serial numbers, a cursory look at the major components and a couple of questions, they each took about 30 seconds, but both times the vehicles accurately reflected the documentation I supplied.


27-04-01, 07:49 PM
I bought a rolling chassis from dax i also bought an old jag i have'nt got a Q plate, work it out for yourself honesty is'ent always the right policy .

27-04-01, 11:19 PM
you may say that, but I couldn't possibly comment. This is a pulic forum!!!