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27-04-01, 11:51 PM
Is there a company who will supply parts you need and the V5 from your selected donor car?

Planning a new build for later this year and don't have room or want the hassle of a donor car in the drive.


28-04-01, 02:10 PM

You may not get to many responses to this, I think what you are asking may be strictly speaking illegal. You are asking to buy a V5 for a scrapped vehicle!
I may be wrong (i await to be shot down).

Best to speak to people on a one to one basis, I'm sure there is a way of acheiving your aim.


28-04-01, 03:49 PM

Thanks for the advice but I'm not realy after a V5 from a scrapped car, what I thought was that there might be a company that would buy a car on your behalf, strip the parts required, and send them with the v5.

Would'nt have thought that was illegal.

It was just a thought, Seemed like a good idea to me.


28-04-01, 05:36 PM
Pilgrim (or at least one of their suppliers) will find you a dead Sierra, strip the bits you need for you and dispose of the Sierra shell, leaving you just the cleaning and refurbishment to do. Doesn't sound illegal to me and gets rid of the ache of having a scrap car on your drive. V5 comes with it!!

28-04-01, 10:05 PM
Hi , I understand your problem but I think JP is correct, I wouldn't want to discuss the point in an open forum, what you want might easily be misconstrued.


29-04-01, 07:49 PM
I am in the process of building a Dax Tojeiro, if you speak to the specialist breakers (and Jag is really the ONLY way to go) i am sure you will find one who can help you. I got one to supply me a complete front and rear subframe and other bits! Don`t forget to get a set of `inflateable` wheels these will help you in your build , also try and get hold of the handbrake lever in you opt for a XJS donor, if you want to go into more detail you can e mail me back or give me a call at home. By the way there are plenty of Jag websites with specialist breakers, just use your serch engine. As mentioned i have gone for a DAX, not the cheapest, but hey.. theyv`e been doing it the longest. Have found them very helpful, and they have got a comprehensive parts dept. Have just ordered my engine, can`t wait!!! If you need to know more contact me
Pete T

29-04-01, 09:45 PM
Try ward engineering they can supply new axles ready to bolt on with no hassle of getting rid of the donor car after the axles are taken off.
Or what I did was to buy the second hand axles from them already taken off the car and then took them apart and made a note of everything I needed and they then supplied all the new parts. More helpful than most Jag parts suppliers and seemed to have the best prices. But I wish I had bought them ready reconditioned
as it would have saved a lot of time striping second hand axles, seized bolts,
bearings spinning in hubs seized drive shafts in hubs and also cleaning off all
the old cack! I could go on but not enough space. Not the route I would take again.
Hope this helps.