View Full Version : Pilgrim and the Cobra's at the NEC Sportscar Show

29-04-01, 04:31 PM
Just got back from the NEC Sportscar show where I went primarily to check out the Pilgrim Sumo and It has to be said that I was very very disappointed. There was one Sumo on display and it was in pretty bad shape. The boot and LHS door looked as if they did't fit flush, there was splits in the paintwork and worst of all the car was absolutely filthy dirty, inside and out...I mean this was a Car Show....you think some effort may have been made. Also the car didn't seem to sit quite as well as others I have seen, could have been the wheel and tyre size choice I suppose but the body looked to sit too high. I don't know maybe I have seen a particularly bad example or perhaps the car arrived late and there wasn't enough time to prepare it, I simply don't know but I cannot tell you how disappointed I was, I was hoping for so much more. I have always believed in first impressions and this was NOT a good first impression!!!!

In absolute contrast GD had a brilliant stand...they had 2 complete cars (clean and polished!!)which were immaculate, they had a display with a semi-built car showing the chassis etc ...superb. Also the staff on stand really knew their stuff...excellent!!!! I also had a look at displays from Hawk and Fiero with the Euro 427 both very good stands.

I do intend to have a second look at Pilgrim at the Harrogate show but from todays showing I will have to be very impressed to stop me buying elsewhere. Did any of you guys and gals make it to the NEC this weekend and if you so did I miss something??? Was the real Pilgrim Sumo somewhere else and I missed it??!

What are your impressions of the GD car?????

29-04-01, 04:59 PM
you have'nt seen anything till you visit the the pilgrim works when i went Mr Tanner was sat behind his desk, which was about 3" deep of registration papers ,mot,s orders ect how he found anything was beyond me ,I bought a dax .