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06-08-06, 04:51 PM
Hello all,

New to forum so go easy on me please. I have recently purchased a Brightwheel viper which is two thirds completed. Although the kit purchase goes back to the early nineties prior to SVA rules I assume it will still have to be SVA'd?
Any info would be greatly appreciated and if I do have to go down that route is there a guide book to work with before going for SVA and having the p*s* taking out of you?

Kind regards,

06-08-06, 05:10 PM
You will defiantly have to go through an SVA so my advice would be to go through the SVA manual very carefully. There is a chap on the web site who posts under the name Iain drop him a PM as he is in touch with quite a lot of other Viper owners and builders and could be a good sauce of information. HTH :thumb:

Oh forgot to say welcome to the forum and good luck ( sorry to say with a viper you will need it as there is a lot more work involved in getting them on the road ).:( :(