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02-05-01, 05:08 PM
I was driving down the road near to where I live (Deeside, near to Chester) and saw a place by the side if the road called Deeside engines. I stopped to ask them what they did and if they could do the final setup of my Chevy 350 when it is finished. They told me they did not do that but pointed me in the direction of a place just around the corner that did that sort of stuff, so I took a drive round there to check out what they did and sure enough tucked away in the corner of this small industrial estate was this place.

I spoke to the owner and told him what I was after doing and that is exactly what he does. Great, I was thinking I would have to take it much further a field but this place is only 5 minutes away. He also does the emission control tests. He tells me that he mainly does rally car preparation to get as much horse power as possible for people... He has done plenty of V8 work including plenty of American V8's...

I asked him how much he charges and he tells me it is 40 per hour. What I dont know is, if that is a reasonable price....!!! Any feedback would be good...

02-05-01, 05:21 PM
I paid 300 for a full days dyno, and prior to that, about 40 per hour for rolling road. Did you ask what output his rolling road is limited to as the guys I used previously could only monitor up to 280 BHP and torque, which I exceeded.

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02-05-01, 06:34 PM
Can anybody HELP me i need to have my 454 chevy setup.
Does anyone know of a dyno in london or south east which can go up to 500bhp
I have tried this on a 280 bhp which is not enough

02-05-01, 06:58 PM
Hi Robert,
I did not ask that... I did not know that there were limits like that as I am very experienced with things like that....

But on the other hand, I used to work for a vehicle rental and leasing company and they had 40ish depots around the country and every depot had a rolling road that was designed for trucks.. Surely thos things can cope with the type of thing that you are talking about... But now that I think of it, it may be that these things were rolling road brake testers rather than rolling road dynos as they used them for truck MOT's, but it may be that they are both....

I should have really taken his phone number so I could check with him.. No harm in going back..

02-05-01, 08:12 PM
>Can anybody HELP me i need to have my 454 chevy setup.
>Does anyone know of a dyno in london or south east which can go up to

Not that I know of, I do know that Cheng from Thunder Road Cars takes his engines up to Ken Coleman in Castleford for dynos. If there was anyone who was any good at Yank engines local to Cheng, then I am sure he would use them. His dyno has has 1500 BHP monsters on it, so it will do the job.

Why not give Ken a call, he is well worth the money for a dyno.

Engine Data Analysis
Unit 10, Ashley Estate Carr Wood Rd
Castleford West Yorkshire WF10 4SR

Tel: 01977 516622

>I have tried this on a 280 bhp which is not enough


02-05-01, 08:53 PM
Thanks robert
will phone him in the morning

cheers Sparky

03-05-01, 01:12 AM
PROSPECT engineering in Maidstone Kent,use to be known as ROVERCRAFT,there rolling road is capable of 500 brake,and there very experienced at setting up engines on it

MAL, with half built AK

David Large
03-05-01, 07:15 AM
Well, while we are on the subject of rolling roads, I can't offer any advice on where you can have 400-500 bhp engines sorted but I am looking for a rolling road service in the West Midlands. 280 BHP limit will not be a problem for my Rover but if anybody can point me to somewhere they can recommend I would appreciate it.

03-05-01, 09:47 AM
In the south west midlands, i heartily recommend Powerstation in Cheltenham on 01242 238400 or www.powerstation.org.uk . They have a 2WD/4WD SUN rolling road capable of taking 750bhp. Rich and Dirk the owners are very very knowledgeable, and amongst other pieces of machinery, i know they prgram the MoTec ECU's for GT cars (Marcos and Lotus off the top of my head) and they also do loads of mechanical work. I know they work on V8s e.g. TVRs cos theyve got one in for a rebuild right now, so other V8's shouldnt be a prob either.
Ive used them for the last two years (OK i havent got a V8, or even a cobra!)


03-05-01, 02:54 PM
I've spoken previously to "powerstation" who quote 50 per hour for their rolling road tuning. However, they are not interested in tuning american V8's with Holley carbs as they don't stock the parts. Try PD Sportscars at Burton Upon Trent on http://www.pdsportscars.co.uk


David Large
03-05-01, 05:56 PM
Thanks for your comment on PD Sportscars. I think they use a rolling road elsewhere; I don't believe it is their unit. Has anyboy used them?
I have also heard of Lesters Garage at Yoxall, any experience there?

04-05-01, 04:13 PM
Gents - A good tip for anyone thinking of visiting a rolling road with a Holley equipped V8, is to purchase a Holley selection box of main jets beforehand. The selection box which is priced around 25, includes all jet sizes, with two of each size, and will covers all Holley variants.
I have found this to be particularly usefull when a dyno operator is conversant with Holleys, but does not stock the jets for what ever reason.


David Large
05-05-01, 02:45 AM
Thanks, this is smart stuff.
David Large

06-05-01, 09:12 PM
Goldie....You have had the right advice above....EDA at Castleford....FORGET THE REST!..They are ,quite simply,in another league to everyone else.
Its like comparing a health Centre to Harley Street!!....DJ

08-05-01, 08:46 PM
Try this for a pretty good listing of rolling road locationshttp://www.mudd90.freeserve.co.uk/technicalstuff6.htm
Nigel B

David Large
10-05-01, 06:32 PM
Thanks for the tip. I have checked out the Subaru site which gives a good list but nothing very local. I went to PD's stand at Stoneleigh on Sunday but Paul was out on a demo. & I didn't have time to go back later so I e-mailed him on Sun night and hope to hear back. Have just put all new everything ignition with a Mallory distributor on my car and a pair of stage 1 heads (Rover 3500)and while it starts/runs ok I feel it would benefit from a proper tune up by somebody good with Holleys.
Want it to be right for the annual pilgrimage to Le Mans!

David Large
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David Large
14-05-01, 09:06 PM
P D Sportscars have quoted me a flat rate of 250 plus parts likely to be between 30 and 100 depending on what's required and need the car for a few days.