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08-05-01, 10:15 PM
Message From Bob Swift of the Dutch CRC

We want to invite anyone who would like to come to join our European Cobra weekend on July 21 and 22 this year. There hasn't been a big event organised by our club for some considerable time and we thought that we would like to reenact what we did some years ago.

More info to follow tomorrow and contact info


The Whistler!

09-05-01, 04:26 PM
You are all invited to the
Midland Circuit in Lelystad, Holland
European Cobra weekend
juli 21 and 22, 2001.
Where: Talingweg 89
8218NX Lelystad, The Netherlands
Telephone Circuit 0320-288600 / 0320-284015
Telefoon Circuit mobiel 06-542 264 58
Fax 0320-284155

Friday 20-07-2001

Arrival of foreign participants who will check into their respective hotels. See hotel list.

Saturdag 21-07-2001

The loudspeaker system will give a briefing on each activity before it begins.
On the circuit helmets and seat belts where fitted must be used.

09.00 uur Participants sign on in circuit restaurant

09.45 uur Welcome address and official opening by Bob Swift club chairman.
Information on the weekend and safety aspects.

10.00 uur Start of program with Concours d’Elegance (line up and photo session in centre of circuit.

11.00 uur Oval sprint. Two Cobras at opposite sides of the circuit racing against each other.

13.00 uur Lunch break in the circuit restaurant.

13.30 uur Drag sprint 100 meter.

15.00 uur Final Oval sprint.

16.30 uur Parking event, Forward and backward parking and Slalom circuit.

18.00 uur End of events.

19.30 uur Barbecue with prizes for the winnars.

Sunday 22-07-2001

11.00 uur Start of Flevoland Tour from Mc Donalds Lelystad en via
Elburg over the Veluwe ending with a club dinner.

Hotels in and around Lelystad

NAME & ADDRES Class Distance from circuit
Hotel MercureAgoraweg 118224 BZ Lelystad0320-242444 **** 10 km
De Lange JammerOostvaardersdijk 31Lelystad0320-260415 * 14 km
Dorhout MeesStrandgaperweg 308256 PZ Biddinghuizen0321-331138 **** 16 km
Aquahotel Prinses MaximaBremerbergdijk 35Biddinghuizen0321-333234 * 17 km
Pension Guesthouse JupiterJupiterweg 21Dronten0321-313211 * 23 km
Hotel Het GaljoenDe Rede 508251 EW Dronten0321-317030 *** 23 km
Apartment HotelKoopmanstraat 211315 HD Almere036-5342400 ** 32 km
Bastion Hotel AlmereAudioweg 11322 AT Almere036-5367755 *** 35 km
Best Western Hotel BaarsSmeepoortstraat 523841 EJ Harderwijk0341-412007 **** 18 km
Parkhotel Bosch & LommerMolenweg 343849 RN Hierden Harderwijk0341-451221 *** 22 km
Hotel HardersluisHarderhaven 323898 LN Zeewolde0320-288093 ** 16 km


The Whistler!

10-05-01, 10:19 AM
Anyone interested????


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10-05-01, 02:49 PM


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The Whistler!

10-05-01, 10:08 PM
Guys & Girls

Contact Bob Swift direct at swiftysnakers@planet.nl for more info or to sort the weekend out, but please let me know if you are going, as we could go over in one lot.


The Whistler!

11-05-01, 09:02 PM
I will be going, but will be headed in from Germany. Nigel, if you read this do you fancy the trip? Robert please let me know where you are planning to stay.


11-05-01, 10:00 PM

Yes I would like to go. My car now has its TUV and I am one piece of paper away from being able to get it registered here - the one that confirms it is not stolen and apparently that has been issued and mailed to me!!

I will be travelling up from Bonn so we could meet along the way. I would similarly like to know hotel preferences having not been there before. I will contact Bob Swift directly and get tips from him.

Nigel B

13-05-01, 09:44 AM

I am planning to stay in the most expensive hotel I can find, due to no holiday this year!!!


The Whistler!

13-05-01, 07:32 PM
Ah well, we won't be staying at the same place then! It looks like Nigel and I will travel in together from Germany, he will speak to Bob Swift direct. As long as there is a bed that will do me.

13-05-01, 08:13 PM

I plan to stay at one of the following hotels, I will find out the cost and let you know.

Hotel MercureAgoraweg 118224 BZ Lelystad0320-242444 **** 10 km
Dorhout MeesStrandgaperweg 308256 PZ Biddinghuizen0321-331138 **** 16 km


The Whistler!

17-05-01, 03:14 PM

Hotel costs below.

In the Mercure
A one persons room costs f200,- 57.0
A one persons an a double costs f220,- 62
A double costsf247,- 70,57

In the Doorhout Mees
A single standard costs f185,- -53
A double standard costs f250,- - 72

I will be staying in the Mercure, speak to you soon.

Best Regards


The Whistler!