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09-01-07, 01:53 PM
Just a quick one guys to see if you were still having your meet on the 21st at the AV8 restaurant near Kemble Airfield?

I havent got a Cobra yet, but seriously considering it. So was wondering if you would mind if I came along to have a chat, see some of the Cars (weather permitting) and rack your brains so to speak.

I live in Cardiff but the distance is no issue.


Paul B
09-01-07, 08:09 PM
Hi Nathan

Yes the meet is still on, but as I said before, not sure how many Cobs are likely to be there although we generally have a reasonable attendance.


09-01-07, 08:40 PM
Thanks Paul, its not a problem if only a few turn up, just wanted to have a chat and rack some brains really thats all.

If someone does bring theirs along, ill have to be cheeky and ask if they can take me out for a quick drive in their cobra :o

Its at 12 o'clock isnt it?

Paul B
10-01-07, 11:26 AM
Hi Nathan

Yes, 12:00 midday.

See you there.


10-01-07, 04:35 PM
mine will be there, if it does not snow,

but then again could be a good opportunity to set up the traction control

19-01-07, 11:46 AM
Ok the M6 is about to be sold after the weekend, think ive found a suitable run-around everyday car, so perhaps after this weekend I may well be placing my order with Dave for my Dax :D

See you guys on Sunday

19-01-07, 06:24 PM
HELP AV8 MEET this Sunday?
I understand there may have been a Cobra Car (http://search.uk.miva.com/search/redirectorpss.asp?url=http%3a%2f%2fwww.carsbymail. co.uk%2fregister%3facct_id%3despp&bidid=1471679110&searchguid=%B0%CE%BA%86%EF%DE%B8%ED%D3%E3%F2%DB%EE %EC%A0%8E%EE%FB%A8%A5%CC%E7%D6%DB%B1%89%91%B2%EE%F 1%98%99%8F%88%A4%D1&domain=UK&affiliateid=6814&position=3&keyword=car&UserCountryOriginID=75&implementationID=215&searchdate=19+Jan+2007+19%3a22%3a41%3a12) meet at the AV8 Restaurant (http://search.uk.miva.com/search/redirectorpss.asp?url=http%3a%2f%2fwww.brocket-hall.com&bidid=88168101&searchguid=%85%84%AF%81%9A%86%E5%96%F2%87%B3%DF%E9 %A3%CA%BB%F2%8A%A5%A0%F6%8B%ED%B4%B1%AB%CA%E2%D4%9 4%B7%86%C4%B6%BA%F2&domain=UK&affiliateid=6814&position=1&keyword=restaurant&UserCountryOriginID=75&implementationID=215&searchdate=19+Jan+2007+19%3a37%3a27%3a06) at Kemble Airfield this Sunday - the restraunt is temorarily closed. I am the airport Manager can someone please call me so I can try and fix something? Or e-mail contact number for a local Club Secretary to "airportmanager@kemble.com"

David Young At the airfield tomorrow 01285 771177

AV8 will definately be closed, nothing I can do. Cannot re-open until next Thursday. ACTION REQUIRED!!!

24-01-07, 12:42 PM
Just a quick one, to say thanks for the guys I met on Sunday at the Rising Sun. Was great to meet you all and have a chat, and look at the 2 cobras there!

The M6 had gone, so its a countdown I guess now, to me finally working out the exact spec I want for the Dax and then taking the plunge and placing the order :D