View Full Version : exhausts for the Ram

21-01-07, 05:09 PM
I'm trying to figure out how to spec my exhausts and as usual it is chicken and egg.
Does anyone have a picture of Ram side pipes with and/or without the body on?
Basically I'm trying to figure out where the pipes lie in relation to the sill bars, ie do the mounts on the exhaust leave the bottom of the pipes at a tangent and bolt under the square sill bar (outer chassis bar); so the lowest part of the pipes are the same height as the lowest face of the square bar?
Or are the mounting tabs on the exhaust not tangential and so the pipes lie lower than the bar bottom?
Any photos or explaination would help as it is a pain getting enough people together to get the body on, remove rad etc.
ps anyone have a spare set of Ram exhausts/collectors?