View Full Version : New AC MkV photos

23-01-07, 06:28 PM
AC have published new photos of the MK V on their website. The build quality is much better than the earlier cars.


23-01-07, 07:15 PM
Looks better.

Don't like the dash layout, rear lights or the steering wheel and surround. These areas don't suit the car somehow.

Much rather spend my 60.000 on a Kirkham replica that looks like the real thing.


23-01-07, 07:25 PM
Each to their own, but this is as much a "real cobra" as my Singapore Rolex is a real Rolex. JMHO, of course, and see my sig line for all that means. ;)

For the money, there are better things to buy. Shelby Anniversary car anyone?

neil still building it
23-01-07, 07:26 PM
sadly looks like there's more wrong than right....

Mr Bling
23-01-07, 07:39 PM
Interesting link:drive:a bit more history about the marque :thumb: