View Full Version : Meets, decent roads and B & B's in Devon & Cornwall

28-05-07, 02:34 PM

Myself and my girlfriend are based in Birmingham and are planning to do a 5 day tour of Devon and maybe Cornwall starting June 25th in our Pilgrim Hawthorn.

Hope to do a bit of surfing as well at Croyde, Westward Ho! and the rest.

As we don't know the area that well, can anybody advise on the below:

1. any Cobra meets that week ? where and when ?
2. recommendations on cracking roads
3. likewise on B & B's and campsites

Many thanks, Jason

Neil O
28-05-07, 10:10 PM
You would be very welcome at the South West meet if you can stay around until the Sunday. Our meet is the first Sunday in the month at the Ley Arms, Kenn near Exeter.
There are some great roads in North Devon, not so sure about Cornwall though. Different country down there............
Either way, you'll need to get away from the coast to stretch your car's legs.
I'll see if I can dig out a copy of the route for our North Devon Run last year and send it on. Granted it starts and finishes near Crediton, but it was a great day out. Maybe you can use bits of the route.
Camping in Devon and Cornwall is probably best covered by Chris Cluett...........he's definitely camp. :oops:

29-05-07, 07:45 AM
Cant help with Camping but there are hundreds of sites down here.
(thanks Neil for the "Camping" jibe

If you are down on the 1st July - the Club meet is at the Culmstock show near Cullompton

Or if you are travelling back over that weekend - you are welcome to call in for coffee on the Saturday - I am near Cullompton J28 of the M5.

PM me if you like.


andy l
29-05-07, 02:16 PM
Hi Jason
The boys have covered the meet, as for B&Bs and campsites there are loads everywhere so you should not have any trouble with them, roads in corwall have a lot of road works at the moment, and if using A38 watch out for speed camars there are lots of them cornwall side, hope you have a nice holiday, best of luck Andy :D

29-05-07, 10:07 PM
Cheers for the advice lads, doubt we'll still be around for the 1st July, but we'll see. Hope the weather improves by then, was out in the Pilgrim today, went to Europa car spares in Staffordshire (on the way back from a customer) via a 40 mile detour and got caught in a hailstorm with the roof off.

Hailstones in May !!!!! They bloody hurt as well.

29-06-07, 08:57 PM
Just back from our trip, unfortunately due to the weather decided against using the Pilgrim and used my boring but rain proof Skoda instead.

We decided to go to Lundy Island for 2 nights, OK no roads there but what a place, recommend you go for 2 nights as if you're not feeling well after the ferry there, at least you've got a few days to get over it as opposed to the day trippers. The island pub do the most fantastic food with most of the meat and veg reared/grown there, and we must have found the only place in the UK this week where it was possible to get sun burnt after 2 days !!!

Couple of other recommendations:

Victoria house B & B in Mortehoe was superb with great views although ask about the parking before you go as its limited, also the Chichester Arms pub in Mortehoe did good food, however the Ship Aground pub was rubbish.

All in all a good trip, and planning on going back (hopefully this time in the Pilgrim) in July sometime.